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TheNamelessOne's cross faction collection

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Hi there,

Although I am rather new to playing Malifaux, I have enjoyed painting this characterful miniatures for quite a while. I started painted miniatures back in the days as Rackham's Confrontation range was still around - so that'd be some some years ago…. As you see, I am not fixed to a single faction but since I am mainly a painter, that's ok, I guess 😎 Please leave a comment if you like!

First, we have the Neverborn minis from the M2E starter. I am really happy how they turned out:1265423558_AngelEyes_1.thumb.jpg.287ee2c047cf21e85a4b3c4cab30bc99.jpg


Of Course, here are their antagonists as well:



However, the first Malifaux minis I have painted are Nellie and her crew:





Next, we have the crazy old cat Lady, Catelin Abernathy, and her entourage:






There are a lot more cats than the ones near Benny Wolcomb….




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… and we continue with Mah Tucket and her crew - I am not completely happy with the green skin tone, though, as it looks a bit flat:





And finally, there are some more Neverborn:



In order to Photograph these ghosts I had to use a special camera which is why these Images are a little darker than the previous ones 😁



Pandora and her Poltergeist are still waiting to be finished but I don't know when this will be done…

Comments and criticism welcome! 

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16 hours ago, lusciousmccabe said:

Those are some nice models you have there! Particularly like the reporters and Mah crew.

Thank you! 😀 I am quite happy how the bases of the Gremlins turned out. It was the first time that I used any acrylic still water effect.

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11 hours ago, Zebo said:

Did you used some special paints for the ghosts? Their brightness is amazing. 

I used Vallejo Model Color: green fluorescent - over a white primer. Moreover, I used yellow fluorescent for the cats' eyes and orange fluorescent for the gremlins' eyes. However, I think the brightness on the fotos is due to the interplay of these colors with my desk lamp (no special one!) I used as spotlight for the foto session. 

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