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Jesy Blue

TheoryFaux Episode #2: The Sixth Man

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So, let's forget the top tier stuff, the keywords that are always top table (Monk, Amalgam, Showgirl, Forgotten, Nightmare, Swampfiend, [insert something Guild here]).  Pick a lessened used keyword, not your favorite one or even your second favorite.

Create a Plentiful (1) Enforcer model, that would help with the synergy of that keyword's theme.  No less than 4 Stones, no more than 10.  Build a backstory, a meet-cute with the Master, make the Abilities thematic, make the added synergy effective with the keyword's whole crew, not just the Master.

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Neat challenge!

The Hungering Flame


Before Reva, he knew only a never-ending hunger. Reva shined a light into his life, and now he serves a grander purpose.

Front of card:

  • MV 5, height 3, df 4, wp 6, 6 health.
  • Funeral pyre, the final veil, flameborne, demise (immortal soil).
  • New ability, Born from fire and death: At the start of this model's activation, it may unbury in base contact with a pyre or corpse marker. Remove the marker. If it cannot, it is killed.

Design note: due to the existence of grave golem, this might not work. Could replace demise immortal soil with another bury mechanic or make this model unable to be hired in a crew with grave golem. But this felt the most thematic.

Initially I liked the idea of just burying it at the end of its activation, but felt too strong. And it would ruin its role as a front-liner.

Back of card:

  • Melee attack, 1 inch range, gives some burning and damage.
  • Melee attack, 2 inches range, gives 2 burning with great triggers (probably tomes pyre marker creation, mask shove aside, rams for heal 2?)
  • Bonus New tactical action. The flaming dead: move a corpse marker and drop a pyre marker in base contact with the corpse.
  • Bonus Tactical action: inspiring flames. Once per turn, remove all burning from models within pulse 1. Models that removed at least two burning in this way get focused.

Not sure about that last one. Would need lots of play testing to be good but not broken.

The crew really needs a hurl corpse ability, but ideally it'd also help with pyre markers. Pyre marker creation needs to be more efficient, so give it a trigger and a tactical for that.

Reva needs a model that can front line/tie up enemies without dying. With 6 health, enemies can remove it if they want to move. A 2" engage ensures enemies want to do that.

Plus, with 6 health Reva's crew can kill it to teleport it, as its mobility sucks otherwise.

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The Ugly One
8 Soul Stones

Vanessa, interested and confused by the concept of suddenly having her sister duplicated, dabbled in a magical cloning spell.  It's results were... not ideal.

This monstrosity sort of looks like the younger Chambers sister, but only vaguely. 
If not for the immense strength and raw magical powers this... thing... has, the collective sisters would have put it down, but she has her uses.

5 Df, 5 Wp, Mv 5, Sz 3

Hard To Wound
Battle Tempo
I Owe You One:  When this model kills an enemy model, another Mercenary model in line of sight may be treated as killing the model instead.  When this model is killed, all Mercenary models in play heal 1.
Do It Again:  It's Rapid Fire/Flurry for non-:ToS-Melee:or non-:ToS-Range:attacks.

8 Wounds

Three Magic Hands:  Stat 5, Res Df, 2/4/6, neither:ToS-Melee:or :ToS-Range:, just a 10" range;  :tome blast marker trigger, :mask"That One Counts As Mine!" trigger.
:ToS-Fast:Frightening Reminder.

40mm Base

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