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Mah for corrupted Ley Line

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Hi. Since I started playing this game (2 months ago) I played mostly Mah (and Dreamer). So I don't have as much experience as most of you, but I still try to play one or twice a week and experiment with the GG1 strats.

Right now I love Mah in corrupted LL :-) I would like to hear you about her in this specific strat. Do you have a core build? Great tricks or most do sequence? 

Since the nerf, I think Mah's turn one is much more interesting.  In corrupted I would try to push for the centre on turn one instead of securing my own marker if my opponent is slower and doesn’t have a great way to contest this (So, It also depends on the deployment I guess). Than I'll gun for one of the 2 markers in my opponent’s half on the turn 2/3 and come back to my own market later to secure and denied them to my opponent at the same time. I'll concede  to my opponent both marker in its own half. I will fight for the centre (especially if it's relevant for a scheme) but might concede it as well if I have better things to do (scoring my own scheme), but I will always fight to the death to protect my own marker, aiming for a high strat score (4-2 or 4-3). 

Are you doing something similar ?


The emissary is awesome in this strat. He's the best carrier for the lodestone : it's almost impossible to pin him down and he can reach every marker on the table really quickly.

Trixie is great too. Lure is doing wonder in this strat and don't mind me is also really good. 

Beside that, the Roosters Riders are always good. 21" movement in one turn is a lot!

I also like the bushwhacker in this strat if the opponent crew is vulnerable to pit traps. Area control with trap spamming is a great way to protect a marker. Frome the Shawow also help if you want to secure the centre on T1. 

I also think it's important to have shooters. If your carrier is isolated deep in your opponent’s territory, you can always shoot him down, so the lodestone will come back to a more suitable carrier.

Burying  an SS Miner will also work that way if he's carrying the lodestone... But with movement 4 right now and the lack of scheming ability the turn the miner comeback, I just think we can do better with 6ss. 



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