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Vassal on Chromebook

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Hi, typed this up for someone on AWP but thought I'd post it in here too for those who aren't blessed with the gift of social media:

This is (hopefully) pretty in depth but I'm not a real tech person and most of this came from trawling through websites and trial and error. I highly recommend getting a seperate mouse if you don't have one already. If anyone has any issues I'll try my best to help.

Step 1

Download these three things:

Crossover from the google play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

Vassal for windows: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vassalengine/files/VASSAL-current/VASSAL-3.2.17/VASSAL-3.2.17-windows.exe/download

latest malifaux module: http://www.vassalengine.org/mediawiki/images/f/fb/M3E-Malifaux-v1e.vmod

Step 2

Run the crossover app.

Type "Vassal" in the search box, if nothing comes up then click on "install unlisted application". Select "installer" then select the vassal file. Follow the setup wizard but select "custom installation" when prompted and un-tick the "install a Java runtime environment" when it pops up. You won't be able to run vassal yet so go back to the main crossover screen.

Step 3

Select vassal then there should be a settings (cog) button up in the top right somewhere. Select "install component" off the list then type "java" into the search box and select "Java 6" to install it. Follow the installer (pretty much just click next when prompted every time) but you don't need to run it when it's finished.

Step 4

if all's gone well you should now be able to Launch Vassal!! Click "jump right in" if prompted. You'll need to open the malifaux module so select "file", then "open module" from the top menu. The malifaux module should be in "my computer" on the "y" drive, depends where you've got your downloads set to go really. Once you've found it, open it and you should be ready to go (after a couple of minutes while it installs)!

Set up a user name & password and hit up someone on the discord for an intro game. I'm on UK time and am still working (even with lockdown) at the moment but there are loads of lovely people out there that'll walk you through your 1st game. The Chromebook screen is quite small so you'll need to mess arount with the zoom settings to get a layout that suits you but that's about it really>

Like I said I'm no tech guy so I'll try my best to help anyone with issues but hopefully this should work. Best of luck and enjoy your malifaux fix, can't wait for the world to get back to normal and get toys back on the tabletop again!


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