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Fatemaster Friday (ok, Saturday) Plague buddies!

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Surprise Saturday Post Breachers!

After an unfortunate accident with my tech, I had to wait until my new computer arrived before posting. First off, I hope everyone is doing well, and making sure you stay as healthy as possible during this outbreak. If you haven’t checked out my previous post on methods of gaming online, check it out!

In addition to the advice in that post, I want to give a shout out to the TTB Playing Online Facebook Group. The folks there are friendly, helpful, and love the game! Mosey over and join if you’re so inclined and maybe get a game going in this time of social distancing.

Now, with some in the Wyrd Community looking wearily at Hamelin and his plagued compatriots, I felt that a quick look at the Through the Beach adventure found in the Brotherhood of the Rat set would be fun.

This short adventure sets the Fated to take care of a vermin problem in the East Tower of the Eastern Slums. Tasked to deal with some rodents of unusual size, the Fated are given a handful of scrip and the instructions to make the scurrying nuisances disappear. Taking to the streets, they enlist the services of a Ratcatcher. In short order, things go awry and the Fated face some blighted furry foes before deciding on serious extermination measures.

This is a short little adventure that can be easily inserted into an existing campaign, or run for new players as an introduction to Through the Breach. This adventure, along with multiple M2E scenarios, can be found on DriveThruRPG here.

Now as devastating as the Piper’s Plague was to Malifaux, Malifaux has endured other disasters. Which world changing event in the ‘Fauxverse interests you the most as a Fatemaster?

Stay safe, wash your hands, and for the love of the Burning Man don’t lick any doorknobs.

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