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Nellie - what is her thing?

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What is Nellies "thing"? It seems to be something with interacting and shemes. For this abilities she needs to get close and with squeal she can try to avoid too much incoming attacks...


But on the offensive? Her attack with onre more question does only damage if the oppponent is in melee, the damage and attack stat is on the low side. The opponent does an interact actoin - so it removes markers (even if there are none).

She can deal damage depending on markers around the model. Markers that the model reduce.

So is her best ability really to discard / draw cards?

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She has 2 tricks (well 2 1/2) 

_ going in contact with one more question. In this case, this cations become slow; 1/3/4; force an interact on the opponent that you control; get 1 focus; draw 1 card. That's probably one of the most efficient action in the game. Besides, the 1/3/4 damage track with a model always focused is not that low.

_ card recycling with slow news day. Not the best action around, that's only 1/2 point 🙂

_ use twisting with a stone for trigger. You can get a lot of damage if you have created a layer of schemes with false witnesses, and you will get a charge from your opponent. This allows you to replace him and get an attack from a beater, or spend some ressources on another model (focuses, team special mechanics like power, destiny, chi tokens etc...)

She is also the only "don't mind me" model on guild. I often use her as scheme runner. Anyone trying to stop her will get the "one more question" option above 🙂

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IMO Nellie should be thought of as an Interact focused disruption master. Her crew wants to control the interacts happening around them (notice I’m not saying scheme markers here, that’s more for Lucius). They also want to gang up on you with overlapping auras that should make your opponent want to get away from them.. almost like paparazzi chasing a celebrity. 

I think the increase in marker schemes in GG1 helps her actually, since she can now punish you/deny your attempts to interact, more so than GG0.

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6 minutes ago, Rubyhathunger said:

If you have Phiona in range of a scheme marker, you have all the punch you want.

Phi is a min 2 model without crit execute onslaught. She is Not that punchy. But you should not use journalist keyword on a strat / scheme with a lot of damage dealing 

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