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SwordFaux IV - 05 April 20 50ss M3E Toronto

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SwordFaux IV - 50ss Tournament

Sunday April 5, 2020

The Sword and Board

1193 Bloor Street West - Rear

Toronto, ON M6H 1N4



(647) 350-7529

Registration begins at 10.00AM. First round starts at 10.30AM.


$10 entry fee.

Prizes :

First Place: Mystery Box from Wyrd prize kit Participation: Players who complete all rounds and have not won another prize will be entered into a raffle draw for a Mystery box. Bonus raffle entry for players with fully painted models.


Guilders for the first 8 players to register.

Additional prizes including store credit TBA depending on turn out.


Hobby: Open to all Players who complete the tournament. Points will be awarded each round based on all models used (including summons.) In the event of a tie, Winner will be determined randomly.

3 Points: GG Season One compliant (Fully painted & based, conforming proxies/conversions)

2 Points: Fully painted and based.

1 Point: Fully painted.


Gaining Grounds Season One Malifaux 3rd Edition tournament. Event will be run using Wyrd’s Gaining Grounds Season One format with 50 soul stone crews. Fully painted crews are not required but encouraged. Rounds will be 2:15 hours in length.


•Round 1 – Public Enemies, Corner Deployment
•Round 2 – Recover Evidence, Flank Deployment
•Round 3 – Symbols of Authority, Wedge Deployment


Schemes will be announced at the beginning of each Round.

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