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don't stop believing

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just a quick reminder that the game is still alive 😄 gave one of my friends an army the other day and miraculously it sparked the interest of some of the other people at the party. might have accidentally created a tiny community. i mentioned the community isn't very lively but they didn't really care about that as we're mostly gonna play with friends anyway. it'doesn't have to be very big, as long as it's fun.

it's a good game, we had a bumpy start but with some support we might still get this thing of the ground.

as long as wyrd keeps making stuff for the other side i'll keep trying to recruit friends to play with me 😅

just a happy little message in these hard times, hang in there 🙂

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I just came back from my FLGS and the owner was actually taking his personal Cult of the Burning Man models out of the display case he has for some of his personal stuff behind the counter and throwing them out in the trash to make room because "the games dead mate, haven't shifted any product in about 6 months and nobody plays it or asks about it" and the shelf that used to be used for it is now a second cabinet for M3E stock. I like the game a lot and its nice to see a larger scale thing in the Malifaux universe but unless they can turn it around "it doesn't have to be big as long as its fun" isn't going to go very far if its a money pit.

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This supposedly dead game is doing just fine in our locality. We've got 4 players with a 5th possibly joining and we've got a lot of games in.

I've really enjoyed working with the models as well. They look great and are a blast to paint.

The game is truly excellent and deserves to do well. It is disappointing that we're having to wait so long for the two player starter, but with a game this mechanically sound all it takes is good word of mouth and some support and it really has the potential to take off.

Let's work to make the online presence the game has more positive. If people google this game and just see relentless negativity about it, then it's only going to have a deleterious effect on the game's future.

I still believe.

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I'm in a similar position to @Sharpedge. We've got about 4 active players, with maybe another 4 with armies but  no time to play. 

The game is excellent and I've been LOVING painting my armies. I've got most of my Cult finished, a proxy Guild company (using KE rules) and I'm now painting up a Gibbering Hordes force. 

And just because, here's some random pics of my armies. ;)








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