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A few minis for sale/trade


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I have some 2e miniatures I'm interested in selling or trading. All are assembled and a good number are painted. All come with 2e stat cards and upgrades, and a few come with 3e stat cards (as noted below). All prices are listed in USD and shipping is extra (although if you live nearby I'm more than happy to arrange for local pickup). Paypal only please.

- Haves
lucius (with 3e card) $12
the scribe (with 3e card) $8
dashel (with 3e card) $12
lawyer x2 (the two males versions from the 3e box, including 3e cards) $4 each
guardian (with 3e card) $6
hunter x2 (with 3e cards) $10 each
colette (with 3e cards) $15
mechanical dove x3 (with 3e cards) $3 each
cassandra (with 3e cards) $15
performer x2 (with 3e cards) $5 each
rasputina (with 3e cards) $15
wendigo (with 3e cards) $10
december acolytes x3 (with 3e cards) $5 each
som'er (1e metal) $15
skeeter x2 $2 each
lenny $15

$150 + shipping for the lot

- Wants (open and assembled are fine as long as everything is undamaged, complete, and unpainted)
3e rasputina crew box (everything except snow storm)
The Lone Marshal
Serena Bowman
Joshua Fitzsimmons
Order Initiates x3
Amina Naidu
Union Miner x3
Silent One x2
Essence of Power







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