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Waldo's Weekly - Blinded by the Light


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Hey Wyrdos!
This week Waldo has been talking to himself a lot. That’s not out of the ordinary, but usually it’s about how to weaponize potatoes or finding the best spots to hide our pens. When he started reciting nursery rhymes, of all things, it made us a little concerned. We took down what he was sleep-mumbling during one of his rare week-long naps.

See what you can make of it:

Have you heard the story,
About the man of one in two?
Who went into the darkness,
And lived where shadows do?

He was indeed right out of place,
He bore no robes a-flutter,
No claws and teeth all shiny-sharp,
Or limbs with shift-a-stutter.

A fun and fancy banquet
Did await the spectres here,
But unnerve’d were these shadows,
For the man, he held no fear.

The man did make a gesture bright,
And caused the murk to fade,
Cut away by lances of light,
Each and all man-made.

Shadow locked within his tech,
And the man took up his throne,
For one of us had finally won,
Against the Brocken and their own!


Some of the words do look a little strange. I guess we’d need people to really go in and check for any hidden meaning there. Wouldn’t you agree?

That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. We’re sure Waldo will be back to his old, plotting self in no time!

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