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"Just like you", "obey" etc


Hello guys

the question is simple :
"Select one of the target's non- tactical action"


It mean you can select only tactical actions (but not a )
Or, you can select an action (attack or tactical) but not a tactical


(other exemple : Herd'em from bayou Hog Whisperer, say you can select a non-Action...)


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For what it's worth, it's the hyphen.

To try to explain it in a way that I hope makes sense....

In  "non-:ToS-Fast:" is being treated as one word, "non-Bonus", the hyphen is limiting the negation to just "Bonus".

It's not the same as "not :ToS-Fast:Tactical Action", because as a native speaker of American English, "not Bonus Tactical Action" reads as improper without an article between 'not' and the noun phrase.  "not Bonus Tactical Action" -> improper.  "not a Bonus Tactical Action" -> proper.

So the phrase in the action would have to be something like "an Action that is not a Bonus Tactical Action".  "take a not Bonus Tactical Action that ..." sounds wrong.

Edit:  English causes 🤕.  


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6 minutes ago, Scoffer said:

This one is correct

As no english person I don't understand why... 😞

To me, it mean you can select all of action, but not a tactical.

But it's ok, I trust you, eyes closed (like Ophelia)


Thanks !! 😄

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