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51 minutes ago, Kyle said:

Hey everyone,

Normally we would have all of the event/tournament information and packets made available at this time for Adepticon. This year we’re trying something a little different, so it’ll be a little bit more time before we can get those out to you. In order to give you the reason why it’s taking longer than normal, we have to reveal a little secret:

The M3E FAQ & Errata document is coming soon, as is Gaining Grounds Season One.

The big thing here is that Adepticon’s Malifaux tournaments will be utilizing Gaining Grounds Season One Schemes and Strategies, as well as any other small adjustments in the upcoming document.

Both of these documents are still in playtesting, but we should have both wrapped up by the end of this month. We ask that you all just wait a little bit longer while we fine-tune them both for a more positive experience in Malifaux and at Adepticon.

Thanks for your patience!

Keep an eye on this forum thread for further updates. This is where we’ll be posting those packets once they’re ready.

fingers crossed that the deployment types haven't changed lol. I JUST ordered my mats with the M3E markings

Great news though!

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Hey Everyone, 

Now that Gaining Grounds Season One has been released we are happy to release the Encounter Pools for the Adepticon Masters Tournament:


This Event is 50 SS, using the Bans variant, and the newly released FAQ and Errata:

  • Round 1 – Symbols of Authority on Standard
    • Assassinate, Runic Binding, Leave Your Mark, Catch and Release, Hidden Martyrs 
  • Round 2 – Recover Evidence on Wedge
    • Sabotage, Spread Them Out, Research Mission, Catch and Release, Let Them Bleed
  • Round 3 – Corrupted Ley Lines on Corner
    • Let Them Bleed, Take Prisoner, Hidden Martyrs, Sabotage, Vendetta
  • Round 4 –  Public Enemies on Flank
    •  Breakthrough, Research Mission, Spread Them Out, Runic Binding, Claim Jump
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