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Sorry if I missed it, but I haven't seen much discussion on how easy it is to hit for 6 (+1 with IR in this crew)?

Cojo can easily hit for six by getting two positives to the damage flip (focus, charge through, puncture from card or discard an upgrade). Or can burst for 12-14 in the godlike scenario, even against henchmen or hard to wound.

Myranda can shapeshift into a Rougarou as soon as you see a high mask or ram in your hand and do a similar trick.

The potential to just burst for 7 damage in multiple ways just screams "respect my crew's damage potential or die."

Does anyone abuse this? With the huge card draw in the crew it seems like something that can be abused?

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1 hour ago, Maniacal_cackle said:

For reference, this is the 'starter' list I want to try.



It was something I did in GG1. It was really strong when you could use Mark Territory to give Cojo 4 Focus Turn 1. 

Obviously it is still good and it is a great reason to take Cojo against Ressers. He can rather reliably one-round something like Archie. 

This type of approach however tends to leave you a bit AP hungry; it is a powerful combo but it's kind of like a haymaker that can leave you overextended if you whiff

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those high damage maneuvers put high presure on your hand.  making your turn less flexible.

i do enjoy more the order initiated min 2+ 2(trigger) +1 stampede. landing two of those in a single activation. 


a normal setup is having 2 initiated with2 upgrades each. activate marcus to ugrade one of them. move forward and charge with the one with 3 upgrades.


then acomplice with the other. it charges. ends at 2” of the first one. discard both upgrades to do 2atacks with chimera strike then get a new upgrade for free(a defensive one).

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