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Haul of Eggs 8 - Sat 4th April - Daventry CANCELLED


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Yes it really is the 8th running of my Easter themed tournament. 3 rounds of fixed faction tournament action, with the usual swag, raffle and awards.

Book early - just £12 a ticket (but no lunch this year).

Details here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/diz3mkqxbwsxodu/Rules Pack - Haul of Eggs 8 - Apr20.pdf?dl=0


  1. Maria Weiland
  2. Stef McGlen
  3. Allen Connell
  4. Lee Walstow
  5. Matt Lewin
  6. Tom Benstead
  7. Ollie Hedges
  8. Tom Coker
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7 hours ago, lighterthief said:

Ticket purchased 🙂 I will be representing Scunthorpe, the industrial garden town of the north. Please put me down as Ten Thunders. I'm pretty new to the game.


Welcome on board, and feel free to bring a friend or two.

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11 hours ago, wookiejunior said:

Paid! Any chance we could see the strats beforehand? I haven't really played GG1 yet and could do with knowing what I should bring model wise beforehand.

As they'll be new to everyone, I'll put them out a week(ish) before the event.

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1 hour ago, Clousseau said:

Sorry everyone, but in the current environment I need to cancel this event.

I'll sort out refunds, and we'll be back with another event once the environment recovers.

David, totally understandable. Big shame but I know when we do get things going again it will be awesome.

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