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My painting thread


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Hello, I had this guy primed in grey with the base painted. Suddenly I decided I wanted a white Vision. I started to highlight the thing and, after two hours working on the cape, I understood it was a crazy decision. So I took my white primer and went with it. That's his current state. Any tip on  how to paint white from this state?





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@Franchute: It's one of my preferred channels - the best thing about the channel (in my opinion) is that he started his channel with a fairly basic style, and you can watch his evolution. A painter of your skill wouldn't get much from his earlier pieces, but he has some nice techniques now, and is easy to watch.

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Hey @Ultravanillasmurf

Thanks for the kind words. Vision is still in the same state unfortunately. I did some search for a tutorial on how to paint white. I liked this one:

I'll probably use some inspiration from it. Let me know if you have some tricks you feel like sharing. When I was painting Gamora, I considered coming back to something similar to the box art. I dont know.

For the moment, I have to answer to my other daughter's demands. She is a big fan of Captain Marvel: she might be the next one I'll drop a picture of.

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