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Fatemaster Friday - I got friends on the other side.


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Heya Breachers!

Last week I asked about unusual settings you like for TTB, and @Raines228 had this to say:


I’d like to see more adventures set in The Knotwoods. It hasn’t been as fleshed out as some of the other areas, and a detailed map plus some deeper lore would really flesh out the area.

You can see the rest of the comment here.

Now, if you’re anything like me, an adventure is always better with minions… I mean friends! Subordinate characters in TTB are useful and take many forms. Let’s take a closer look at subordinate characters and the unique forms they can take.

There are a multitude of Pursuits that gain or affect subordinate characters. Criminal, Graverobber, and Tinkerer are each Corebook Pursuits that utilize subordinate characters in different ways. From the Criminal gaining thugs that work for her, a Graverobber having the ability to raise zombies, and Tinkerers improving and using their constructs, the subordinate characters found in the 2e Corebook can do a great deal for Fated. Under Quarantine has the Pursuits of Bully, Medium, Necromancer, and Revivalist that utilize subordinate characters in interesting ways. Above the Law, as you would expect, has several Pursuits that command other people and constructs. Commander, Magewright, Propagandist, and the Witchling Handler each approach using subordinate characters in different ways; Commanders excel at directing soldiers, Magewright imbues constructs, Propagandists use their propaganda to recruit another to their cause, and Witchling Handlers use those captured by the Witch Hunters to aid them in combat. Into the Bayou have multiple options, from Big Hats to Taxidermists and Swineherders that recruit gremlins and hogs to help.

Sometimes, subordinate characters are more than just bodies that do what you tell them to do. Both Under Quarantine and Into the Bayou include Grimoires and other items that happen to also be subordinate characters. Stan is a zombie that only functions for the Fated who it serves as a subordinate character. Into the Bayou has Old Stuffins, a taxidermied gator grimoire that has fickle loyalty to the Fated it serves. The Urn of the Ancestor is a piece of equipment that allows the owner to bring forth an ancestor spirit as a subordinate character.

Sometimes you just want to have an extra set of hands for a goal, or an useful body for shielding. But sometimes a subordinate character can be useful in other ways. As a distraction while the Fated enter a building unseen, or bait to lure out a hidden killer if your group is morally flexible. A subordinate construct may perform labor such as digging or tearing down defenses. Subordinate gamin may serve as spies or patrols for an area. What ways has your group used subordinate characters for in games? 

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The only game I've run in which someone had a subordinate character was the swineherd whose piglet almost single-handedly(hoofedly?) took on the climactic battle against the big bad.  I don't know if Piglets are just sleeper overpowered with Pigcharge and the Stampede trigger or if I made a mistake in how they work, but it was a hilarious time.

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On 2/10/2020 at 3:34 AM, diki said:

@Kimberly I'm confused why you quoted @Raines228  and then didn't address their request in anyway?

Do you mean about the lore of Knotwoods not being fleshed out? That's because it's been previously stated that information will be present in From Nightmares, and I'm afraid I can't speak on the matter of upcoming titles!

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