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Volunteers Wanted - Adepticon

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Hey Wyrdos,

Are you attending Adepticon? Want to volunteer and get cool stuff for helping us? Well, you’re in luck, because Wyrd is currently looking for volunteers!

To volunteer for a demo shift, you must require a good working knowledge of the game in question. You are welcome to take as many shifts as you’d like.

Here are the volunteer shifts that are still available:

  • Thursday March 26
    • Event Hall Monitor 9 - 1pm
    • Demos (TOS) 2 - 6:30pm
    • TTB Adventure 3-7pm
    • Event Hall Monitor 5 -9pm
    • M3E Event All Out Brawl TO 6 - 9pm
  • Friday March 27
    • TOS Event Tournament TO 9:30 -6pm
    • Demos (TOS) 10 - 2:30pm
    • Demos (TOS) 2 - 6:30pm
    • M3E Event All Out Brawl TO 4 - 7pm
  • Saturday March 28
    • M3E Event Masters Tournament TO 7:30 - 7pm 
    • M3E Event Masters Tournament RINGER 7:30 - 7pm 
    • Event Hall Monitor 9 - 1pm
    • Event Hall Monitor 1 - 5pm
    • Demos (TOS) 2 - 6:30pm
    • Event Hall Monitor 5 -9pm
    • TOS Event Titan Smash TO 7-9pm

*Marked as set-up or tear-down shifts. For these shifts, you will need to be able to lift heavy objects and perform some manual labor.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Matt (matt@wyrd-games.net) with your full name, your t-shirt size, and the times that you are able to help out.

We ask that all of our volunteers are presentable and courteous. We will provide you with a Wyrd t-shirt to wear during shifts. We will be providing booth credit and various rare products to all volunteers. For more information on what will be provided per shift, please reach out to us with your availability and the shifts you’d like to claim.

For volunteers who wish to have their Adepticon Badge comped/provided by Wyrd: you must volunteer for at least 8 hours of volunteering over the weekend and provide their information via email to matt@wyrd-games.net prior to March 1st. 


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Hey Wyrdos,

There are still a lot of volunteer shifts available, especially for The Other Side and helping out as a TO for our Malifaux Tournament on Saturday. If you're headed to Adepticon this year, consider picking up a shift!

Anyone looking to help out, please email me at matt@wyrd-games.net

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