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Next Master after Lord Cooper?


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31 minutes ago, TheEmptyRoad said:

I’m inclined to think it’ll be Gretchen Janus. And I think one of her keywords will be Half-Blood.

Who's that? I don't really follow many developments off the Forums, so don't know the context here.

Even though I don't own the Rollins box, for the people who do, I hope they cover soon whoever is going to be the Master that has whatever the Patti and Elli Ramone models are going to be.

AFAICT, they're the only models from M2E that can't currently be used, and I think that's a shame. So bring on the technospeedster Master.

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On ‎4‎/‎5‎/‎2020 at 2:50 AM, goth said:

Right now black blood shaman is a crutch for every Neverborn keyword.  Careful with them around your half-bloods, as it is always fun to Black Blood Pustule an enslaved nephilim for instance 

Half-Bloods don't have the Black Blood Ability, so the Shaman can't target them.


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Ah well I suck at MalifauX but maybe there will be more models forthcoming 

for me the next master after lord cooper will be Marcus.  I’m interested that he can take Paul Crockett.  Excited to see what’s next for ES

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