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Bah Humbug Bonanza Results


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Heya Wyrdos!

Thanks to all who submitted an entry for the contests! I loved seeing the results of everyone's hard work. The votes have been tallied, and here are the winners for each category!

I Saw Mommy Painting Santaldo-

2nd and 3rd place was tied, with a Wyrd Internal Vote being the tiebreaker. And even then it was close!

Winner - @helldrad
2nd - @Caedrus
3rd - @Sol_Sorrowsong

Staff Pick - @Arclight

Oh Snap!

Winner - @mursu9
2nd - @Sol_Sorrowsong
3rd - @Garthuk

Staff Pick- @mursu9

Under the Mistle 'Faux

Winner - @Arclight

Staff Pick - @Colonel Sanders

Again, thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to all who placed!

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7 hours ago, Caedrus said:

Hi All!

First, thanks to @Kimberly and the Wyrd team for hosting these events!

Second, Congrats to @helldrad on a lovely miniature, and well deserved 1st prize. @Sol_Sorrowsong, that was a gorgeous mini and I'm proud to have tied with you in votes!

I had a lot of fun with my Sybelle!



Thank you pal, I'ved this little guy waiting to be painted on my bench from an eternity ...
Big up to wyrd  for launching some competition and making me work on my minis :)
Congrats to every participant, specialy for bakers and their gingerbread scenery ...That far beyond my skills :)

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11 hours ago, Caedrus said:

First, thanks to @Kimberly and the Wyrd team for hosting these events!

100% to this. Thank you Wyrd staff for coming up with fun holiday tasks. I really enjoyed taking part in each of these and am happy to be in such esteemed company with @helldrad and @Caedrus and @Arclight for the painting competition (And your awesome Waldo), wow!  


Also shout out to @mursu9 for gingerbread that looks better than my terrain and @Garthuk for a tasty house filled with treats!  I hope you got to nibble into that after the picture! I ate mine except for the piano. Too many noodle keys. :D

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19 hours ago, Stonewall78 said:

I just noticed your post. Hope all is well and you are back on the mend. Stay safe out there.

yes , thanks you , every thing as fine as it could.  Governement is just very cautious about contagion so must stay confined .

 As an IT profesional it's quite easy to work from home....for gaming, rpg and so on it's a bit more complicated :) (not a big fan of gaming throuh discord).

Hope everybody else  are fine too !

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