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Running Dual Masters in ES


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Just spitballin’ some theorycraft here, but it seems like the best combo for now would be to take Lucas and Luna into a Frontier Crew, so they can not only pass out their upgrades, but also have some minor synergy with Crockett and Luna(Luna being a Beast). Not to mention McCabe himself, who can do a lot of damage and zip around the board lickety-split thanks to unimpeded(also some synergy here, as the Frontier folks like to drop their own severe terrain). While this might be more of a stopgap until ES gets some Versatiles and Upgrades of its own, I think it could be interesting.


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44 minutes ago, belorey said:

Can you post any 50ss dual list? I don't really like dual masters list but since ES has non upgrades It can be a good choice.

There aren't really many options in Explorers at the moment, but here a 2 different takes.



McCabe - 16

Luna - 3

Reichart -10

Austringer -7

Path Finder - 6

Crockett -6





Basse -16

Sidir -9

Desper- 8

2 Ruffians -10

Huckster - 6

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