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New Master Suggestion/Hope: Captain Nemo


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Given the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-type vibes I’m getting from this faction, I sincerely hope we get a Captain Nemo equivalent. People seem to like Brine and Bones and the idea of a nautical/ship crew theme, as also evidenced by the crew of the Infamy under Captain Zipp. 

Extra-Super-Bonus Points if they’re obsessed with hunting down Meridion. 

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Pirates/ seafaring crews are super cool, and I would love to see more of them. Saw this post and thought that the society will probably have societal guardians. beings who are keepers of strange and powerful relics which give them powers, not unlike what you are talking about. "the invisible man" for example could wear a medallion or something granting them an evasion/stealth ability. maybe a jekyll/hyde character with a replacement mechanic. So yeah, I am totally agreeing with you on this.

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