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English GT 12+13 September 2020 - CANCELLED

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Hello malifauxers

It is I, the great Hippy introducing the 2020 English GT at it's old venue of Wayland Games in Hockley, Essex (only because I haven't got enough time to scout out a more central venue). The event will take place on the 12th and 13th of September 2020 and will be a fixed faction event. All for the bang up price of £30.

This, right now will be a place holder. It will be updated once my real life has calmed down (buying a property is a rather stressful thing FYI)

What I would like from you all is ideas on swag. As I hear through the grapevine, Wyrd are doing less than previous for prize support (because they're still super busy with this 3e malarkey of course). It doesn't help that I am not a registered henchman either. So stock will be purchased from wayland games if there isn't enough prize support from Wyrd. 

As per all other GT's, this will be a 6 round event. Split as 3 games over each day. Each round will last 2 hours and 20 mins.

There will be more info on the way, as soon as I have some free time to plan this with a deeper involvement... but it will be a corker of a weekend.

Please register your interest here to keep on with the updates.

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Hey there guys. Been chatting with the other GT organisers briefly. As none of the other UK based GT's have gone ahead this year, I wont be holding the English GT.

Also (and this is a key point) I have not heard anything from wayland about when the venue is opening, its safety measures for the current pandemic etc. 

As you all know, I want as many of you lovely people alive and/or well as is possible so without any safeguarding in place or knowledge thereof... i will call it off this year.

There is also such a small time frame for me to get things complete.. including prizes, trophies and goodies for you all. 

It is of course with a very heavy heart that I do so, but believe me when I say, i will return next year with this awesome event and with any luck a few more to boot. 

Like the phoenix, we will rise again in a fantasticplumage of unrelenting nerdery and fun. I wish you all safe and well!

Peace out.


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I run a Roleplaying Convention normally March time in Southend on Sea every year and I am looking at expanding this. It has been in the back of mind to organise a Malifaux tournament as part of it (plus a few other things) so perhaps you could get in touch with me about it. Derek.c.pearson@gmail.com

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