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[Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia] M3E 50ss Fierce Tournament


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My pleasure to announce first for the long time Zaporizhzhya Tournament. Below are details:

When 29th of February - 01st of March, 2020

Where "LOS-block in the Centre" Club in the building Ukrainska, 52 street.

Number of players Up to 14

Entry Fee 250 UAH

Ruleset Gaining Grounds Seazon 0

Format 50 Soulstones, Singles, Classic(All)

Proxies/Conversions are allowed for those models that have not yet been released. Such cases should be agreed in advance with TO.


1st day:

Opening and registration: 09.30-10.15
1st round: 10.15-12.45 - Standard, Plant Explosives
2nd round: 13.15-15.45 - Flank, Corrupted Idols
3rd round: 16.45-19.15 - Wedge, Turf War

2nd day:

Opening: 10.00
4th round: 10.15-12.45 - Corner, Reckoning
5th round: 13.00-15.30 - Wild - deployment and scheme will be generated by TO before the round start

Round time is inclusive of 15 minites for Encounter Setup.

Schemes for the round would be generated before the round start by TO.

Prize Pull 1st place - Large Mystery Box, 2nd and 3rd places - Small Mystery Boxes, Last Place Prize.

IMPORTANT! Conditions are subject to change, please check the thread closer to event date.

To participate fill in this simple Google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LO4tPS2Gq14pnlN_Upy5X7cItB9OzngLWfIWCq0dw2M/edit?usp=sharing or forward me Name/Nickname and Declared Faction: den.voloshyn.a@gmail.com

Pre-registration is open until 17th of February, when all positions should be confirmed. Please also let me know if you need help with accommodation.

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