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Molly & Kentauroi vs. Dead Rider


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Dead Rider is almost certainly better for the ability to ignore severe terrain. Throw in all the other abilities, and it is worth two extra stones.

However, it may not be worth the money. I suggest playtesting Kentauroi if you already own them, and maybe proxy Dead Rider for a game or two.

I have the opposite problem and am using Dead Rider with McMourning for budget reasons.

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I think there is a huge difference...for the additional 2 stones you get +2 Def, +2 WP, +1 MV, Unimpeded, Ruthless, and Revel in Death.... Revel in Death is HUGE. Typically in most of my games you only need Ride With Me the first couple of turns after which you have the Fate Tokens to hit Soulfire every turn for the rest of the game (assuming he is still alive). 

Granted the Kentauroi can get +1 damage on the charge to be Min 3 then....(ish) but the Rider is Min 3 for both attacks. The Kentauroi has some other nice things about them to- being able to shrug a condition, etc but all in all for 2 extra stones everything you get in the Rider more than makes up for the additional cost.

About the only place I would take the Kentauroi instead is with Doc for all the poison heal synergy that it gets there. In every other crew when I am taking something for a 1-2 turn Ride With Me but primarily to be a third or fourth big beater in the crew the Rider wins hands down.



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Kentauroi are also paper thin in my experience. A stiff breeze against their low Df and they fold fast. McMourning has a decent amount of healing available, but a good opponent will make sure to focus on them and take them out early game. For 9SS out of Keyword I'm having trouble getting him to pull his weight. 

You can pull some shenanigans with them charging more than once a turn (use RWM to Push out of combat) and even use Stampede (though at the cost of Wds, making him more fragile) to do a decent amount of damage. I like them, and love the models, but still never have much luck with them. Most people seem to use him as a taxi service, which can be great, if you can keep him alive. 

Unpopular opinion, but I'd lose Ride with Me to get more survive-ability and some other ability in its place. 

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