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Las Vegas Open 2020 - Fiendish Gamble!


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Come to Las Vegas and test your luck at the only Malifaux tournament held in a casino!  

Las Vegas Open is January 24th - 26th, 2020 at Bally's Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tickets and hotel space are still available and it's always cheap to fly to Vegas! (Last I checked Southwest had some pretty good deals going right now!) If you've never been to LVO before let me tell you this, LVO has a fun, laid-back vibe and is an absolute blast—it's the only convention I've been to that has a bar conveniently located on the gaming floor!  Another great perk to LVO is that the team from Wyrd will be there this year! That's right, the team from Wyrd will have a booth in the vendor area and there running game demos (and maybe if you bribe them with a tipple or two from the aforementioned bar you might be able to get them to let Waldo loose to spill all the secrets on what's coming up from the world of Malifaux! ;) )

You can get your ticket now at:

Here are the events we'll be running at LVO this year:

Double Or Nothing Team Tourney (Double Rush Team Tournament)
Honeypot Casino Brawl (All Out Brawl from GG season 0)
Malifaux and The Other Side Open play

Fiendish Gamble Malifaux 2 Day Grand Tournament (rounds 1-3)

Fiendish Gamble Malifaux 2 Day Grand Tournament (rounds 4-5)
Malifaux and The Other Side Open play

The Grand Tournament will be an official USFaux Tour event, so come and get some out of conference points!

Prize support provided by Wyrd, Mats By Mars, Top Doug Design, player donations, and my awesome prize box!

The player packet is available here (subject to minor changes)

So come on out to Las Vegas and gamble your life at the only Malifaux tournament held in a casino! Don't worry, Jakob Lynch promised not to lace the drinks too heavily with Brilliance...

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