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Asami Tanaka vs. Ophelia LaCroix 1.2.20


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Ten Thunders vs. Bayou

Asami Tanaka vs. Ophelia
Wedge, Turf War
Scheme Pool: Power Ritual, Hold Up Their Forces, Claim Jump, Outflank, Harness the Leylines

Ten Thunders

  • Asami Tanaka
  • Amanjaku
  • Ama No Zako
  • Yasunori with Silent Protector
  • Shadow Emissary
  • Minako Rei
  • Akaname


  • Ophelia
  • 3 Young Lacroix
  • Francois Lacroix
  • Pere Ravage
  • Rami Lacroix
  • Raphael Lacroix
  • Big Brain Brin
  • Merris Lacroix
  • Bayou Gremlin

The board had lots of blocking terrain, a couple pieces of severe, dense, concealing terrain (flat white and brown sections), and several pieces of scattered terrain which were climbable. Oni deployed their big guys first, then the Kin deployed, and the Oni finished with the smaller based models.

Turn 1: Several pieces moved up on each side claiming Turf War Markers. Kin had two models place scheme markers to setup for Power Ritual. Asami summoned an Obsidian Oni but was careless in placement and took several shots from several of the Kin and eventually suffered Red Joker damage from Francois. Sigh.

Turn 2: Kin won initiative. Oni had the best hand they’d ever seen. Pere Ravage blew the cover away from the Katashiro, then killed her. With the Oni’s hand, Ama flew then charged Ophelia, did moderate damage and slowing her, sadly Ophelia had already been upgraded by her Young, so she only took one damage. Ama then used her bonus action to give herself another action, and she did severe damage, but Ophelia brought it down to one. Sigh, my mistake. I should’ve targeted one of the other models that was around. Taking down Ophelia is always going to be tough, but I thought I could make it work. Lesson learned, hopefully remembered. Ama became a nice tarpit. Ama then took a beating and survived Ophelia’s retaliatory attacks - all four of them. Yasunori then flew and charged Big Brain Brin, taking him down to half his health. Sadly, Brin discarded a card to cancel the Yasunori’s Onslaught trigger. Merris dropped a shockwave on the Emissary, which the dragon easily avoided then repositioned herself to help Brin. Asami reclaimed the marker, then repositioned herself for Turn 3, as she was unable to summon, due to missing cards that would guarantee a summon. A Young  ran out of the wooded area and yelled for an adult, pulling Francois out of the severe terrain. The Akaname moved to position so that he could tarpit on the next turn. Rami fired twice at the Yasunori doing damage. Minako moved into position for Outflank. More shooting at the Yasunori. Amanjaku moved up and tried to remove a flicker from Ama but failed. Raphael popped Minako for four damage and then did two damage, taking two himself from the Karmic Fate upgrade. Shadow Emissary moved up to position for Outflank. Brin did his thing at some point and more importantly slowed Yasunori. More shots fired at Ama, Yasunori, and now the Emissary. 

Scoring: TT 2 (1 TW, 1 Outflank) - BAY 2 (1 TW, 1 Hold Up)

Turn 3: Kin won initiative. Merris flies up near Francois, then drops four shockwaves on Asami and the Emissary, for 4 Damage a pop… that’s four for 4!!! OMFG!!! So, I had a great hand once again, even better than the Turn 2, see picture: (Picture is of 13, 13, 13, 12, 10, 8, 7)

The TN was 13, so I used the 8, 10 and 12 because she failed all four of the flips, while the Emissary made all of his. Asami stoned to reduce the damage to two. Wowsers!

So, then Ama went. She ate a young and the Bayou Gremlin healing four damage. Francois then targeted the Akaname before he could walk up and tarpit, which also flipped the TW marker to neutral. I should’ve kept the Akaname wide and used him to set scheme markers for Leyline, ugh! Poor decision.

Asami then went. She walked up and summoned an Obsidian Oni into position so that it was engaging Ophelia and Francois but outside of the two inch blast radius so he didn’t hurt Ama. Asami then walked back into cover.

Ophelia finished Ama, taking all four of her attacks to kill her. Mistake here… Ophelia was slow… and the player forgot as he was using the app on his phone to keep track and I completely forgot. Ugh...

Obsidian Oni then went, killed a Young then exploded doing damage to Francois and Ophelia and killing the other Young. When I first activated him I thought about attacking Francois, but Francois has a positive flip against that situation, so then I panicked and chose wrong. I should’ve just attacked Francois, especially if I was going to do two attacks and blow up. Another poor decision on my part.

Francois moved up and took a shot at Yasunori.

Yasunori attacked Brin with his one attack, missing. Big Brain Brin did his thing then slowed the Yasunori, again. Minako summoned a Katashiro then moved back into cover. Raphael shot and hit the Katashiro but left it alive. Thinking to prevent Power Ritual, the Katashiro moved up to engage Raphael and attacked once off of a charge because it was slow after being summoned. This was another error. I should’ve pulled the Katashiro back into cover and used her for Leyline or Outflank. 

Pere moves up to try to get in range of Minako next turn. Amanjaku charges him and does some damage.

Emissary flies back and drops a scheme marker for leyline. More shots fired because they can. 

Scoring: TT: 2 - BAY: 3 (1 TW)

Turn 4: Oni win Initiative. This turn started with the Emissary because my hand was horrible. Second attempt was not much better. Emissary charged Merris to hopefully prevent shockwave madness again. Emissary was able to hit taking Merris down to half. Raphael was able to kill the Katashiro, but needed two AP to do so. Asami lays down a scheme marker then moves up to see Merris. She uses Reaching Tendrils attack on her and gets the Coordinated Attack trigger allowing the Emissary to end Merris. Rami takes some shots at the Emissary, hitting once. Yasunori, slowed, and not having much luck vs Brin… I decide to try to disengage… WHY!? I royally messed up on this as he can easily get out of engagement with Wind’s Wrath. Doh, I was tired and stressed and OMG!!! So, Brin was able to reduce Yasunori’s movement by 4”, which was the Yasunori’s slowed action. I was thinking to get him free to go pick up to deny a Power Ritual point. It didn’t actually matter. In my attempt to deny, I really just pointed out that my opponent was needing to complete it to score, which he then remembered to do so. Bad planning again. Francois wailed on the Emissary getting him down to 2 wounds. I used a pass token, and Ophelia moved three times towards a corner, but didn’t get close enough to score, but she was close enough to use her hipshot to kill Minako. I used another pass token. Brin went, slowed the Yasunori again, both flipping 13’s, ugh. I used another pass token, then Pere Ravage tried to take on the mighty and manipulative Amanjaku. Amanjaku laughed at him, twice. Amanjaku removed a point of flicker from himself, then gained it back to get a positive to hit Pere. Pere laughed in return.

TT:2 - BAY: 4 (1 TW)

Turn 5: Francois kills the dragon as the burning took it down to HTK. Asami needed to have summoned the previous turn to be able to get someone in position to lay down the third marker for leyline. She could not get past Francois and lay it down herself. Yasunori was slow and couldn’t get it done, though beating on Brin would have been smart to try to deny the fourth point of TW. Ophelia walked up and placed a marker for Power Ritual. Game over.

TT: 2 - BAY: 6 (1TW and 1 Power Ritual)

Lessons learned and hopefully remembered in the future.

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2 hours ago, Forgotten said:

Merris flies up near Francois, then drops four shockwaves on Asami and the Emissary, for 4 Damage a pop… that’s four for 4!!! OMFG!!! So, I had a great hand once again, even better than the Turn 2, see picture: (Picture is of 13, 13, 13, 12, 10, 8, 7)

The TN was 13, so I used the 8, 10 and 12 because she failed all four of the flips, while the Emissary made all of his. Asami stoned to reduce the damage to two. Wowsers!

Mmm What? 

Did you do one duel per each shockwave marker? Did Asami failed 3 of 4 duels? 

Because no matter how many shockwaves affects the same model, one model only is affected once, and only needs to pass one duel (and only suffers damage from one shockwave if fails) 

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If a model would be affected by multiple Shockwave Markers Dropped by the same Action, it only resolves the effects of the Shockwave once.


So the bombs away action might drop 4 markers, but each model only has to take the test once, regardless of the number of markers they are near. The reason to drop more markers is to affect more models, it doesn't help to concentrate them in the same area (although for this action the number dropped in total and the damage are tied together)

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