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d100 Painting Achievements


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This thread is inspired by this thread by Caedrus which inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and improve my painting on several occasions. 

The idea is to see how many of the challenges below you've achieved and push yourself to complete more when painting in future. You could also use a random number generator to pick a few for a bit of a fun painting project.

I'm afraid I wasn't able to come up with the full 100 challenges to complete the list but if anyone has any suggestions I'd be glad to add them on!


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1    Sin City - use a striking spot colour on your mini
2    Deep Dish Base - create an elaborate scenic base
3    Windows to the Soul - paint eyes where you thought you couldn't
4    Time Takes us all - use weathering on a mini
5    Bright future - paint a clean sci-fi model
6    Mediaevalism - paint a mediaeval style historical figure
7    War to End all Wars - paint WW1 / WW2 style figure
8    Ice to see you - base and paint a mini in a cold environment
9    Water Water Everywhere - use water effect
10    Media-valism - post your work on social media

11    Learn This Well - post a tutorial online
12    Monochrome - paint a mini using just one colour with variations in light and shadow
13    Taste the rainbow - use 7 different colours on a mini
14    50 Shades - paint a mini in a desaturated palette
15    Oddly Satisfying - paint texture on a mini
16    Clean Sweep - clear your 'to-paint' queue
17    Next to Godliness - organise your hobby space
18    Final Countdown - finish a project with a deadline fast approaching
19    Ride the Lightning - include an electricity effect on a piece
20    Chromed out - paint a mini in sky-earth metallics

21    Fire!!! - paint fire on a mini
22    Diorama-rama - build and paint a diorama
23    All for Show - make a display board for your minis
24    Completionist - paint all the models for a keyword
25    Yes Master - paint a master model
26    I dabble - paint a model from a crew you don't play
27    So Tiny - paint a free hand pattern 
28    Who turned the lights out? - paint a night-time scene
29    All of Nature - use a paint scheme inspires by nature
30    Neon dream - paint a figure in a cyberpunk style

31    There's metal and there's Metal - use shading on metallics for a high contrast finish
32    Sky's the Limit - paint a mini in sky themes colours
33    Tailor made - convert a miniature
34    Frankensteiner - make a model primarily from bits
35    Feet of clay - sculpt something
36    Green fingers - add lots of plant-life to a mini
37    Frozen - use primarily cold colours on a mini
38    Homage - base a mini on a real or fictional person
39    All God's Children - paint a mini with a skintone you haven't tried before
40    Back story - create a backdrop for your mini

41    Pointilism – use a dotting technique in your painting
42    Wetwork - use wet blending
43    Many thin layers - use layering to create highlights and shadows
44    Smoosh it together - use the loaded brush technique
45    An endless void - use void blending / feathering on a figure
46    Blackest night - paint a mini with black as a central colour
47    Mmm-minty - use a smooth cold white on your mini
48    Creamy goodness - use a smooth warm white on your mini
49    The White Whale - paint that one mini you've been avoiding
50    Cutting edge - use edge highlighting on a figure

51    Not Most Minis - use non-metallic paints to create a metal effect on your model
52    Light pollution - include colour from reflected light on your figure
53    Carpentry - paint woodgrain 
54    It's a particle and a wave? - use object sourced lighting on a piece
55    You look great! - plan and apply a complementary colour scheme
56    Rule-of-three - plan and apply a triadic colour scheme
57    Sketch style - paint a mini using undershading and glazes
58    Renaissance - use oil paints on a mini
59    Gotta catch 'em all - paint a crew from each faction

60    I hear there's mostly just war these days - paint a mini in a grimdark style
61    O positive - use a blood spatter effect
62    Art imitates art - paint a piece inspired by the work of another artist
63    So dry and coarse - use pigments on a model
64    Ooh, glowy – paint a dayglow or translucent crew (to any extent)
65    I reject your reality – assemble and paint an alt crew or group of models
66    For aesthetic purposes – paint a model you don’t intend to play
67    One day at a time – paint a mini in one day, not including priming
68    What a difference a day makes – assemble, prime, paint and base a model in one day
69    Humongous mecha – paint a big stompy robot
70    Beefcake – paint a muscular gentleman

71    Get ink done – paint tattoos on a model
72    Combover – add hair to a model (anywhere) using paint or sculpting
73    Try hard – enter a painting competition
74    Spot the difference – paint the same sculpt multiple times
75    Practice makes perfect – recreate one of your old paintjobs, but better
76    Dapper – paint pinstripes or other embellishments on a model in a suit
77    If it ain’t broke – recreate the box art scheme on a model
78    Power of imagination – paint a model to look nothing like the box art
79    Sword of ages – paint a weapon with a magical effect / look
80    Oh hey, it’s you – paint a mini you’d forgotten you had

81    No time like the present – complete a box of minis the week you got them
82    Gravity schmavity – create a piece with element that appear to be floating
83    Spotlight – paint a piece with a central point of focus
84    Iridescence – use a transition of colours on a single surface
85    Lukewarm – use warm and cool colours of different parts of the same piece
86    Augmented reality – paint a piece with a fantastical aesthetic
87    What instructions? – assemble a model using no reference
88    Finishing touches – include hidden details on a model
89    There are no mistakes – paint a mini without following an initial plan
90    Shake it up real quick – use three of your least favourite paints on the same mini

91    World building – create some terrain to fit a particular crew / theme
92    Just the tip- paint a model using a brush that's bigger than the model's head
93    Big and busty - paint a bust of any kind
94    Those finishing touches - get a model tabletop ready, then spend an equal amount of time adding in extra details
95    Ready, Aim, Fire! - paint a fireteam for Other Side

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