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[Switzerland][Bern] Henchman Hardcore & Malifaux-Day 26th January

Drunken Monkey

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Hi folks!

We meet again at the House of Cards in Bern (you can find us here) the 26th January. The first Malifaux Day in 2020 and the 1st Tournament at the HoC.

Door Opens at 12:00 o'clock as usual. At 13:00 o'clock we will start the first round of our little Henchman Hardcore Tournament. Make sure you are there in time for pairings at 12:45.

There will be space for some friendly games besides the tournament. Please send me a PM if you would like to participate, either for the tourney or just for fun.

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A big thank you to all participants today!


We were a total of 10 people playing 3 rounds of Henchman Hardcore and it was awesome!


Nearly every Faction was present and of course we had a winner!

First place went to Favilludo and his Montresor. Congrats!


Here we have the final standing with their crews:


  1. Favilludo with Montresor, Hanged and 2 Guilty, giving him another 3 Soul Stones!

  2. Ktr with Allison Dade, followed by Dr. Grimwell, a Guild Steward and a Nurse Heartsbane.

  3. Dice Grot commandeered a Widow Weaver with Corppelius, a Bandersnatch and Banraku by its side.

  4. Milchtiger had The Captain leading a Firestarter, a Firebranded and Joshua Fitzsimmons

  5. zeus0815 with Francisco Ortega accompanied by Santiago and 2 Monster Hunters

  6. Grimdahl played with McTavish, Adze, Grootslang and a Silurid

  7. Coghains Judge led a lone Marshal, an Exorzist and a Death Marshal

  8. deadchief appeared with Dr. Grimwell, a Nurse Heartsbane and 2 normal Nurses

  9. Zarkon attended with Taelor, a Student of Conflict, Vanessa and Bishop


I played as ringer with Trixibelle, 2 Bushwackers and a Whiskey Golem representing my beloved Bayou.

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