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Mr. Crows

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There are several threads a bit further down you can see, but basically my view is:

Hooded Rider is a must. Iggy would be great but is a bit tricky to find at the moment.

Next think about crew overlaps. Getting Teddy or Carver gives you a good beater to mix into your crew.

In terms of crew complements, I'm going for Dreamer and Zoraida to supplement her crew. In Malifaux it can be good to have a few keywords. Others here have different setups though.

In terms of versatile models beyond just hooded rider, Serena Bowman is fantastic and I hear great things about Hinamatsu.

To recap, think about the long term a bit. Start with Hooded Rider + a beater (Teddy or Carver) and you should be set for a while just learning those!

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I'd recommend you to stay in keyword as you start out; Pandora box + Carver + Teddy + Iggy (sadly aversions are yet to be released).

Versatiles such as Serena, Hoody Rider and Hinamatsu are great, but it'll ease your learning curve, if you just focus on what's within the keyword before stepping outside. Also grabbing at other crews fancy toys will cause you to overlook the subtle strengths, that is within the Woe keyword itself, and Pandora's got plenty of shenanigans to play – in fact, she can be a bit convoluted, as you start to learn how apply your misery, which again is a good argument to limit your options.


Once you've gotten your crew looking shiny and a few games under your belt, you can start looking into other masters/factions. As @Maniacal_cackle I'll recommend Dreamer, as there is a nice synergy with Pandora, but as you learn the game, you just might find out, that you're more of an arcanist or thunder player, but have fun till then.

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On 1/4/2020 at 5:13 AM, scratchnsniff said:

I really recommend something to proxy aversions with too. Awesome. 

Can really mess with your opponents positioning or create an even more effective defensive bubble for Pandy with the poltergeist 

second this, playing with an aversion recently I was very impressed with the trio's performance. The protective bubble and position-altering abilities are great, and frightening reminder is really important as a way of getting either candy or pandora wherever they need to be. 

I've found Hooded Rider and Serena Bowman both to be great additions to the crew, other than those two all you need is the woe keyword models in general, I would ignore Lyssa though and I think it would be fine to pick either Carver or Teddy rather than both. Either can be used well but neither seems entirely essential either imo 

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