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2020 Monthly Painting Challenge - January

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On 1/31/2020 at 7:30 PM, Nikodemus said:

@Caedrus 10ss done.

Sure! Was sort of cut short on my last post by kids bedtime preparations. So here's wot I painted:





Wings ended up being a really big block on my progress with this. Didn't know how to approach them. Wasn't happy with initial attempts. Ended up with something I was fine with. And by the end I was quite done with this mini. Thinking back, what was it that I said early in this thread..:

"Realistically something as big as this is likely to wear me out by the end. So no promises on quality."

Well, I do like where I ended up with it. Certainly tableworthy now. Even if there's things I'm not happy with. I likened the latter half of this paintjob as stumbling downhill. Relatively fast, not that difficult, but certainly not ideal. Happy to be done with it now.

...and fuuuuuuuudge.  Forgot to paint the sword pommels:DWell, I guess I know what I'll do after I finish this post. Probably won't take another photo though.


And a friendly tip, do consider painting him in subassemblies. Yasunori isn't an awful model to paint when all glued together. But if you can do the rider separate, or even the wings, it'll make life easier and be easy to glue on afterwards. Small regret I had while painting this.


Fun non-painterly tidbit, composer of Chrono Trigger's soundtrack (SNES era rpg) is named Yasunori. It's a pretty good soundtrack if you like SNES sounds. And individual songs were remixed/redone by Bad Dudes in their Chronotorious album. That one isn't very SNES, but it's quite good. I recommend both if you're into that sort of thing, just look'em up on youtube if interested:)

Looks super cool, this choice of colors is bold and spectacular.  Congrats. 🙌

I have mine half assembled, i didn't assemble the rider bc i saw that his face would be too close to the ride head, and didn't assemble the wings bc i'm nbot sure i can assemble them before the raider, and after reading your advice i'm glad i haven't.


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@bedjy that pig looks yummy! Amazing job, it looks totally realistic and now I am hungry for some bacon. How did you achieve the texture?

@Rathnard Those are some cool models! Great job. I've never seen them painted before, you really made them come alive.

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 Posting a bit late, but here's my effort for January. Starting with Pandora's crew, as I had the clearest ideas on a color scheme for them. 15ss worth of Sorrows. Next up Poltergeist and Baby Kade.


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Hello All!

I've just been updating the Spreadsheet for painting.

@bedjy, can you remind me of your pledge level?

I can't see totals for:
@brianlights, @Cats Laughing, @GlowingFruit, @iCreed, @LordZombie, @monkeyboy30672, @ncwojtyna, @Nikodemus, @Obskeree, @S4lt, and @Shock & Awe. I might have missed your totals (apologies if so!). We'd love to see your January works (or let me know you're taking a mulligan!).

So, let us know how you got on, and please throw in an @Caedrus so I see the post!


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Hi @Caedrus,

Life took me away from Malifaux for the month of January so I have to use a mulligan there. Although, I am back with a vengeance these past two weeks. 

For February I have hit my Masters goal of 16SS and painted an additional 52SS to buyback my mulligan for January.  A big thank you to @Sweet Tooth and @muraki for giving me the Shenlong Crew box. 







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@Caedrus Jan & Feb are mulligans for me. Literally got nothing done but priming the dawn serpent. Too cold amd too busy.

Here's where the dawn serpent is at in March. Needs, details, touch up and basing...


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