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Jack Daw vs Rasputina Video Battle Report.


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Once again nothing on the board for unimpeeded models. I see that a lot unfortunately. A bunch of blocking evenly distributed. The end. Did you guys play 40K before? ;)

I like the visual of seeing the table on the left with the stat card and you guys on the right.

Personally I would like battle reports to be BATTLE reports... meaning that I know the rules and I want to see how the game went, not listening to people explain rules or what the models do, I already know that. I assume new players would find it more enlightning.

This is kind of a summary of a game with thoughts and reflection? Showing the crew and explain WHY you took those models is fine I think, that's interesting to hear but beyond that I would prefer more focus on the game as you played it but some might prefer the summary/reflection. 

More diverse terrain and not completely symmetrical and play again! :)


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Good to see more video battle reports!

However, in my opinion, the commentary was a bit too spoiler heavy as you constantly talked about things that happened or didn't happen in later turns or how effective or ineffective certain models or abilities were in the game as a whole. From the comments alone it was pretty obvious what the outcome of the game would be by early turn 2, which unfortunately made it less exciting to watch.

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