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[Latvia] - Operation: Revolt - Jan, 18th, 2020 @ Riga, LV

Tiaburn Stedd

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Welcome all Malifaux players!

* 3 rounds of games Malifaux M3e (50 Soulstones as per Core Rulebook), separated by short pauses. 2.15 hours per game.
* GG Season 0 and latest FAQ prior to Jan, 4th, 2020 are used.
* Single Faction or Keyword per player.
* DMH Masters allowed only as Single Leaders till the first win
* Master models not sharing keyword with Leader cannot be hired
* Fully painted crews, thematic proxies (painted and converted) are allowed by organizer on case by case

Prizes: yes
When? January 18th, 2020 10:00
Where? Avalon Hotel, Riga, Latvia
How much? 18 EUR if payed by Revolut/Swedbank before Jan, 1st, 2020; 20 EUR paid cash or Revolut before the event
Paid coffee break: Included
Limits? 12 players (6 spots taken to the point)

Please, RSVP in a timely matter, so we could plan all the required logistics (extra tables, terrain, etc).

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