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Playing Non-fated


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Have any mechanics been published for playing non-fated characters?

I ask because I often ease my players into new worlds by giving them pre-generated characters to explore with.  Then, some small number of adventures in, I have them "discover" their real characters.  We do character creation at that point and they play those going forward.  This gives them a chance to get a feel for what they are creating before they commit to a bunch of decisions with long lasting repercussions.

One thought I've had for doing this in Through the Breach is to start them in the typical scenario as passengers on the train to Malifaux.  However, I thought it could be interesting to have them be non-fated who find some steampunk style cryogenically frozen characters in one of the train cars.  I'm thinking the story could be that some faction (probably the Guild) figured out how to identify Fated during the first breach.  It's possible that they've since lost this knowledge, but at the time they didn't know what to do with those they had found.  So they stuck 'em on ice and shipped 'em off into long term storage.  They now have some reason to tap these reserves, so they summon these frozen Fated that they hope they can wake up and control.  One good train heist later, I can start these new characters off on their own path (but hunted).

I think this works well story-wise, but I am concerned about how it's going to play out mechanically.  If we just use the one shared deck of cards with no cheating of fate, that's going to drastically alter checks.  Triggers will be harder to invoke.  They won't be able to discard cards to power talents.  And so on.  I might be able to control some of this through the characters I generate for them, but I'm worried about breaking a game that I'm very new to in the first adventure.

It just doesn't seem to make as much sense to me to have baby Fated rescue other baby Fated on the train.  I don't love that angle as much.

Has anyone done anything like this?  Any advice or feedback is appreciated.

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If the players have played Malifaux, it should be okay. But if they haven't, you aren't teaching them all the rules until the Fated arrive. I am not sure that is necessary. You could use pregen and give them a single card Fate. When the entire group achieves their fate, Malifaux either gives them the opportunity to walk a different path or expands their Fates with a regular fate draw and adjust their current character appropriately if they like the one the have. 

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