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Plant Guildsplosives

Yore Huckleberry

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Been trying out Dashel with it.
Shouting Orders (card for Focus) + Queeg (Focus for Fast, 3" push) + Guild Hounds (Mv 6, 3SS significant minions) = 15" of movement (3" push and 2x 6" walk) then an interact (from Fast) Turn 1.  17" of movement if you want to hire/summon a Seargent to up the hound's Mv to 7".
Means you have a two wound unsupported Hound up the board and 3 less SS for each Start Marker you want down, but for the effect of not having to focus on the strat for several turns because you have markers down Turn 1 has felt worth it... most of the time. Especially if you expect to go loot the dog's corpse once the opponent has spent an AP or two finishing it off.

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On plant explosives, you have 3 problems to solve :

_ placing your explosives

_ defend your explosives

_ retrieve your opponent's explosives

The first part is usually not a problem. You either need a fast model, or a model that can drop bombs on turn 3/4/5 and survive.

The second part is harder : high cost models that can survive use their AP on combat action, and are often in the thick of a brawl. They will not spend AP dropping bombs. I do not like at all the option to run and drop as many bombs as possible with low cost fast models. They can drop bomb on turn 1, but turn 2 they die and opponent retrieve their bomb before scoring. The best option I have found is Grimwell with 2 bombs. Nellie or LJ can both be really good. LJ will kill models until turn 3-4 and then will drop her bombs easily with leap.

The 3rd part can be done either by killing models in melee before they drop their bombs, or by collecting dropped bombs. First option is natural for guild players, no discussion here :) Two field reporters hidden in your half on turn 2 near scheme markers are efficient retrievers. They can walk 11" and interact. Undercover reporter is extremely strong in this strat. He can pop on a minion that just dropped a bomb and retrieve it on the same turn. With deadly pursuit and Follow a lead, you just have to drop a scheme with another model not too far and he will able to drop the bomb next turn. That's really the best guild model on this strat in my opinion. Just be careful if the opponent do not use minion.

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In my opinion, both Lady J and Lucius works quite well.

Marshals are generally quite tanky. The Lone Marshal can move up on one flank. He is hard to tie down and on turn 2 he can usually move, shoot and place a marker. Lady J and Judge can place markers late game, when they have killed any enemies close to them. It can fell bad to "waste" their AP on planting explosives but many enemies do not really want to mess with them and they are hard to take down. The Jury can help other models plant their explosives with Obey, allowing them to do it on their third action.

Lucius is not so much about specific models, but the crews ability to move models around and "redistribute" AP to where they are needed means most models can both plant explosives and threaten the enemy explosives. They can suffer a little bit from wanting to form a bubble, though.

But these are just my observations from a casual perspective, so I'm not sure if they work in a more competative environment.

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Hoff can use a guardian to throw a couple of hunters up. They shoot for a bit and put down markers on the flanks turn 2 without needing a single move due to their push. The remaining crew power balls down the middle and try to snag a couple of enemy markers. 


Loco isn't scary enough to dissuade an enemy beater with armour from just mangling him and anyone can shoot him out. 

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