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Post campaign malaise


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Yesterday we finished my long-running (since 1st edition came out) TTB campaign, we'd lost two players over the years, but gained one who put enough energy into the game to make up for it, which is nice.

It ended with them all on an airship dragged by a horde of the undead drifting into the sunset whilst the world behind them was essentially permanently ruined.

In the course of their adventure, they'd massacred towns full of people whilst under the influence of a powerful psychic, torn irreparable holes in the fabric of reality, shut the second breach down, tripping balls on hallucigens brewed from corpses and ending up on the enemies list of every faction (bar the ressers) through careless or malicious actions.

The campaign itself was well-recieved by the group, and it was a blast to run.

I sort of miss the final characters though, we had:

Reggie Slit - compulsive liar, pickpocket and imbecile, raised in a brothel and can't read. Became obssessed with time travel and wasn't aware he was a necromancer

Skunky Skoggins - compulsive liar, murderer, swineherd, boozer who took it upon himself to murder every one of his cousins he met, despite my best efforts to make them likeable characters. sigh.

Clint/Clive - Not much character here, put every single advance he had into his punch skill, ending up as an absolute one man wrecking crew.

Ralph Jones - Engineer/Sniper with a shady past, didn't really add much but became fixated on making a giant bomb every session.


I'm going to need some sort of time jump before we start a new campaign as Malifaux as the northern hills have been essentially rendered uninhabitable by their actions.


Good times.



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