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Zipp's Construct Pit Crew


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While waiting for Mancha Roja to be available outside of a Wong crew box I came up with a construct heavy crew for Zipp


Robo ZIPP (Bayou)
Size: 50 - Pool: 3
  Captain Zipp
  Earl Burns
  Mechanized Porkchop
  Sparks LeBlanc
  Iron Skeeter
  Merris LaCroix
  Whiskey Golem
  Bombs In Yer Belly

Having only tried it once, the models that didn't really sing for me were Gluttony and Merris.  Merris was too card intensive for having so few Showboating models and Gluttony just wiffed all game but that's more the cards than abilities.  If I took a second Skeeter scheming would have been way easier. 

Whiskey Golem with Bombs in Yer Belly held up a quadrant of the table all on it's own until turn 4 poisoning and getting Ronin all sauced up. Mech Porkchop+BIYB+Vent Steam with support from Sparks and Earl kept the Viks at bay near the middle around all the hazardous scrap markers for quite some time after they got past all the piano markers.

It's pretty out there but was a ton of fun and viable if you don't have Roja and Wrastlers


EDIT: Other models to consider

Lucky Emissary - You could swap the Whiskey Golem out and keep the same speed and similar damage track though you lose an inch of range but gain running over models

Test Subjects - Solid schemers for 5ss OOK that are hard to pin down and kill

Survivors - More sturdy models hard to kill increasing it's chances of getting healed with a wrench

Whiskey Gamin - Possibly useful but really shine with more poison being thrown around

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Other models to consider
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9 minutes ago, Jesy Blue said:

I like the idea a lot!

I was thinking remove Gluttony, add Cooper Jones to get some more healing & shielded on your constructs.

If we start eating scrap markers we remove extra healing for mech porkchop and hazardous terrain with Sparks being on the table.  This is probably not a crew to take when Dig Their Graves is in the pool.

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