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IndyStorm: Henchman Hardcore Tournament- Feb. 2, 2019 in Indianapolis, IN


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Looking for a fun-filled winter weekend of Malifaux events located at the Crossroads of America? Then look no further than Indy Storm! We will be running a whole weekend of Malifaux events at Indianapolis' first dedicated miniature gaming convention. There will be prizes, there will be glory, there will be bad things!  Register today at https://www.indystorm.net/

Henchman Hardcore:

Maximum Players: 16
Start Time: 9am Sunday, February 2nd, 2019
Where:  Wyndham Indianapolis (2544 Executive Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46241)

Format: Henchman Hardcore; 30 Soul Stones
TO: Robert Singer
Rounds: 5

Additional Information:

Henchman Hardcore
Henchman Hardcore is different from standard Malifaux in the following ways:
• Encounter Size is 30 Soulstones.
• Round Time Limit is 30 minutes.
• Only Henchmen can be chosen as a Crew’s Leader.
• A Leader's Cost is not treated as 0 when hiring.
• A Crew’s Soulstone Pool can never exceed 3 (any excess Soulstones are discarded).
• Player's have a maximum hand size of 4.
• Player Crews must contain exactly 4 models and are fixed for the event, and thus cannot change between games.
• Leaders have an Action limit of 2 instead of 3.
• Models cannot be Summoned. If a model would be Summoned, the Summon effect is ignored.
• The Helping Hand ability listed on Effigy models is ignored.
• VP from Strategies may be scored during Turn 1.

• Encounters are predetermined as follows:
Deployment: Wedge
Strategy: Plant Explosives
Schemes: Vendetta & Assassinate

Strategy & Scheme descriptions below for reference:

Strategy: Plant Explosives
After Deployment, starting with the player with Initiative,
each player alternates placing Explosives Tokens on
their deployed models until each player has placed a
total of five Explosives Tokens on their models.
Minions can have a maximum of one Explosive Token
placed on them, while non-Minions can have a maximum
of two Explosive Tokens placed on them.
A model with one or more Explosives Tokens can take
the Interact Action to discard an Explosives Token and
Drop a Strategy Marker into base contact with itself
on the enemy Table Half. Strategy Markers cannot
be Dropped within 6" of another friendly Strategy
Marker. This Action cannot be taken if a Marker cannot
be Dropped this way.
A model in base contact with a Strategy Marker can
take the Interact Action to discard the Strategy Marker
and gain an Explosives Token.
If a model with one or more Explosives Tokens is killed,
an enemy model within 3" of the killed model may
gain the killed model’s Explosives Tokens. Otherwise,
they are discarded.
At the end of each Turn, a Crew gains 1 VP if there are
more Strategy Markers on the opponent’s table half than
this Crew has earned VP from this Strategy. Strategy
Markers on the centerline count as being on both table

Deployment: Wedge

Reveal: At the end of the Turn, if the enemy Leader is in
play and has half its maximum Health or less, you may
reveal this Scheme to gain 1 VP.
End: At the end of the game, if the enemy Leader is not in
play, gain 1 VP.

At the beginning of the game, secretly choose a
friendly non-Totem model and an enemy non-Leader
model with equal or higher Cost.
Reveal: At the end of the friendly model’s Activation,
if it successfully dealt damage to the secretly chosen
enemy model and the enemy model has half its
maximum Health or less (but is still in play), you
may reveal this Scheme to gain 1 VP.
End: At the end of the game, if the friendly model is
in play and the enemy model is not, gain 1 VP.

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