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The Golem and the Doc


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Hello guys, playing my first ever game with Ressurs later in the week and Im playing the good doctor against Raspy in Turf war. Just wondering what the Grave Golem is like, what its good for and if its worth running with Mcmourning? Seems like it could be great holding the middle of the table and love the idea of him slugging it out against the ice golem just not sure whether or not its worth it. Waht do we all think? :D

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This is my personal opinion, so please don’t take it as the only opinion. If you want to give it a try give it a run. I mainly only look at things in terms of competitiveness.

From my experience the Grave Golem is pretty worthless in almost every situation, with most resser masters. The only exception is in Reckoning, with a master that brings a crew generating corpse markers. 

10 SS for a model with only 2 basic actions, no really clutch bonus action it can use every turn, and survival abilities that require a very specific crew infrastructure in order to effectively utilize put it near the bottom of the pile of resser models for me.

That said, in Reckoning, with a crew that just happens to bring that infrastructure, it’s pretty... average.

I tend to find the best way to deal with the ice golem is to just tie it up with created terrain and chaff so it never gets to fight who it wants. It’s slow, it’s a 50mm base in a crew that tosses out tons of terrain markers, so it already isn’t especially easy to use. Tie it up and you might never have one of your good models attacked by it.

Again this is a personal opinion, and not a definitive fact. The fact that you’re asking about it means you must like the model or find the concept behind it interesting, so regardless of my opinion I’d give it a try in your local games and see what you think.

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I take it with Molly sometimes, mostly because I wanted to sculpt it. You have to take a grave digger to support it, but that also means more blasphemous rituals which is nice.

I like it for claim jump to protect my claim jumper.

It certainly isn't the best model in faction, but is sometimes useful. Certain reckoning pools can be good. But never any pools where you have to run around the table (corrupted idols, plant explosives, etc).

I'm not sure about specifically with Doc. He has some corpse marker synergies, but overall you'd rather have the stuff he synergies best with (like Rogue Necromancy, Kentauroi).

I also just bought the dead rider, so not sure if I'll use grave golem again. Dead rider is just so much better.

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So if you want to go with rule of cool you can totally have the Grave Golem fight the Ice Golem, but Ice will almost certainly win that fight. If you are looking for something to kill Ice, the Doc himself actually really excels at it. He pierces armor and has such a high stat vs Df you can often be on a straight flip even without Focus (especially if they decide to forgo the discards and take the Injured) With three moderates or lows+crit strike, he can pretty easily one-round an ice golem.

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