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Wild Ones M3e Cards

Shock & Awe

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I'm sorry if this is something that has already been discussed (I did try to look everywhere for an answer before posting) but do the Rollins / Iggy Pup / Cherri Bomb set of models have 3e cards anywhere? 

I can't find them in the special edition folder of TT (I looked in the Guild as well... just on the off chance) and I looked on Wargame Vault as well. 

Sorry again if this has been covered somewhere else... but I just got back into the game and the Wild Ones are my favorite set of models and I don't want to have to use the horse rider McCabe card if I can avoid it... 

Thanks in advance for any help cracking this nut.

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47 minutes ago, CD1248 said:

Rumor has it that something will be done with them later, maybe as Explorers Society stuff, but only time will tell.

To further stoke those rumors, they were originally included in the Black Friday sale, and then snatched back out of the list. The plot thickens...

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There was a rumor that the wheels will get their own rules in 3rd edition so they will no longer be alternative mounted guild guard.

When the model that the wheels are an alternative version of is released, I guess the Rollins rules will be released as an alternative McCabe crew.

I also guess the wheels are going to be explorers faction as they don't appear in the printed 10T book.

They could have released the cards for everything but the wheels. So it could mean that the Rollins team will be alternative version of an unreleased Explorer master or that the Rollins crew will be moving from an alternative crew to an  non-alternative Explorer crew. (The last is not likely, but it is a possibility)  


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My assumption initially was that they would find a way to keyword the mounted guard so McCabe could still use them, but the idea of dropping the mounted guard connection to the models and making them an alternate for a different explorer society model makes a lot more sense.

Technically, they don't even really need to be an alternate at that point... it could just be a new ES model, but that would require them to make the models available in something other than just the nightmare box set I assume.

This was honestly my biggest worry when I saw how 3e was shifting around Masters and I saw McCabe lose his connection to Guild. That set is my pride and joy... and the Master I was playing most when I stepped away from the game. 

I can still play him with my TT stuff (though, I still have to have a moment of silence for the hounds before each game....) but those wheels are awesome (and took a ridiculous amount of patience to build/paint!) and I hate that they have no home right now.

That said, all my dealings with Wyrd have been first rate. I know they'll iron it out. I just need to be patient.

Until then, I will wait for my Nightmare Molly (Zombie Pirates?!?!?! best. idea. ever.) and just sing Yo Ho until Rollins gets his stuff sorted out.

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