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Cult of Burning Man Mega Deal!

Go Canucks Go

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Thats a steal but its probably a steal for a reason. I have one friend to play with but  8 FLGS's in my area that all play or have played Malifaux, even one with a regular Through the Breach group. But badly put together or warped preassembelled models put too many people off, which meant not enough people getting into the game which snowballed and so on and yadda yadda you get the idea.


I like the game as a larger scale take on the malifaux system and the setting back earthside but its kind of hard to say its not at best a mild flop right now. Hopefully they can turn it around but they are still dealing with the mess of Malifaux 3rd editions launch and thats the big name money maker so TOS is probably going to have to wait. If it can of course.

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