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Waldo's Weekly - More News From Nowhere


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Hey Wyrdos,

This week, Waldo thought he’d get ahead of the curve and gave out Christmas presents a little early. And this time, he even wrapped them. Where he got the newspaper from is a strange curiosity, and the blood splatter raises some questions, but we’re thankful all the same.

So while he’s off playing with the trinkets and baubles he got everyone in the office, let’s take a look at the wrapping paper he used for one of the gifts. It seems that some stories can’t be contained in just the world of Malifaux.


What sort of presents were you able to unwrap? How did Waldo get this paper (and from whom)? Let us know your thoughts right here!

Make sure to download the desktop wallpaper version of this newspaper right here.

Next week, Waldo will be busy putting up holiday decorations. We’ll be there, watching patiently with fire extinguishers at the ready, so this will be the last Waldo’s Weekly of 2019. We’ve been working on a lot of fantastic content and can’t wait to cover it in 2020.

We’ll see you in the new year!

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(con't from Page 1) 

Please be informed however, that McMourning was one of Malifaux's preeminent plastic surgeons. On no less than two occasions, intrepid bounty hunters delivered what they believed was the corpse of Douglas McMourning, only for autopsies to later reveal that the body was surgically altered to look almost exactly like the villainous doctor. The Guild has compiled a checklist of physical traits to look for when identifying the body. These include:

  1. Caucasian/European descent.
  2. Male.
  3. Red hair.
  4. Blue eyes.
  5. No tattoos.
  6. Faint smell of almonds.
  7. Multiple scalpel scars along the hands, arms, and left foot.
  8. Scar of a smiling face on his left buttock.
  9. Inexplicably complete set of fingers and toes.
  10. Unusually full set of teeth.

Please be advised that any bodies brought to the Enclave that do not conform to these simple standards will not be eligible for the bounty. 

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18 minutes ago, cchase33 said:

So the faction books have more lore stories for each faction? Or do they have the cards for that faction also? Thanks!



The Faction Books are the main source for M3E lore, with several stories relating to the relevant Faction inside.  They also have descriptions of each unit and their respective cards.


What they don't have is details of a particular Master's Keyword models that sit in a different Faction (so the Arcanist book does not have Mei Feng's 10T or Bayou Foundry models, for example, but Mei Feng herself does appear in both the 10T and Arcanist books as befits her dual-Faction status.).

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