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French Malifaux Translations - Now Available!


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Hey Wyrdos,

We’re thrilled to announce that the Malifaux Third Edition rulebook is now available for free in French!

For our French players, you can find the French rules here.

Alternatively, you can also find the translated Malifaux Third Edition rules in the Malifaux Resources page here.

We will be releasing translated rules for our Spanish, Polish, German, and Russian communities as soon as they are completed. Keep an eye out for news posts for them when they are made available!

EDIT: The Italian translation has been temporarily removed. Thanks to our amazing community, we've been notified of a few problem areas that need to be sorted out first with the translation. Thanks for your patience!

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Yep translation in APP would be cool but my hopes are low.

Please kindly note that, from what I know of the community in France, no card in French would have the same effect as having no rule translation at all.
Rules are the core rules AND the model cards, not just the core rules.

The French community is spoiled with games in French. I don't see myself pushing for Malifaux while Kill Team, Warcry and Infinity are all available in French...

However, once we've got the cards and rules, I will keep knocking at the doors to convert people to the best mini game on the market :D.

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A quick update: After receiving some additional feedback from some of the Italian Malifaux community members, we have decided to temporarily take down the Italian translation until a few problem areas get sorted out. 

We will have the Italian translations available again as soon as these errors are addressed.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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  • Kyle changed the title to French Malifaux Translations - Now Available!

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