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Who is your go to master for the Bayou? The one you feel comfortable playing into most or all pools based on playstyle and strength?

Mine is undoubtedly Brewmaster. He offers just the right amounts of control and damage to let me dictate where and when fights happen.  The only strategy I balk with him is Cursed Idols and that's mainly because I'm freaking awful at Cursed Idols.

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9 minutes ago, Kiryn said:

Still not found it. Maybe Ophelia. Need some more time with brewie and mah too. 

Problem is I keep going up against outcasts and they can so easily take a lot of damage I tend to just get steam rolled. 

That's why I like Brew. He not only slows them down he shuts off most of their cute movement tricks and that damage over time stacks up


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I'm a big Zipp fan... I have actually refused to play Infamous for a month because I took him in everything, both Bayou & Outcast.  The abosolute versatility of the Keyword alone between mobility, damage, counterschemer, etc.... everything can be done with them!

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