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Shenlong vs. Sonnia Criid, 12.7.19

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Ok, this battle report is a bit of a sad one. I ended up going too hard with Shenlong on a new-to-3E player, which then turned into an NPE for both of us. But I'm adding it here to help those that might also find themselves in the same boat in the future.


Ten Thunders vs Guild

Shenlong vs. Sonja Criid
Standard Deployment, Christmas Presents (Story Event #1 of the Mali-Food Tournament)
Scheme Pool: Detonate the Charges, Search the Ruins, Hold up Their Forces, Outflank, Vendetta

Ten Thunders:

  • Shenlong
  • 2 Aspiring Students
  • 2 Low River Monks
  • Yasunori
  • Sensei Yu
  • Minako Rei
  • Huckster
  • Katashiro


  • Sonnia Criid with Lead-Lined Coat
  • Purifying Flame
  • 3 Witchling Stalker
  • 2 Witchling Handler
  • Pathfinder
  • Austringer with Expert Marksman

TT wins 6-0 with 2 for strat, 2 for Outflank, 2 for Search the Ruins

55ss game

The strategy included three 50mm tree markers that are dense, concealing severe that are surrounded by four 30mm present markers. To score, a team must have as many present markers as the round number at the end of the round. Minions can carry one, enforcers and henchman can carry two and masters can carry three. To pick up, a model must be in base contact and spend 1 AP to interact. 

Guild player was attacker. He put 5 of 9 on his left all clumped up to the side of a building. Then put two witchling stalkers, a pathfinder and a handler on the right. I set up Shenlong and his Monks just left of center, intent on taking out those four first and having at least 6 present markers to myself. Yasunori was set directly across from the pathfinder. Those dastardly traps were going to die before they were set. 

Round 1 - Guild won initiative. He activated the Pathfinder and set him forward and set a trap near the leftmost tree. Yasunori flew into position and charged the pathfinder. Swing and a miss. The two stalkers walked twice to set up amongst the presents, while Shenlong was getting pummeled and distracted by his students. More of his models on his left, my right, setup to be in position. The Huckster dropped a scheme and scrap for Minako to summon a Katashiro, then Secret Passage into position with concealment on one side and cover on the left. The katashiro blew on the wind and walked into position to drop a scheme marker beginning of round 2. Minako had repositioned herself near the Huckster and was the most right TT model. Sensei Yu Hurricane punched Shenlong into position. The leftmost handler came forward near the other two Stalkers. A low river monk healed Shenlong up to full. After Guild had activated all their models, Shenlong drunkenly stumbled forward and smacked the Handler twice taking her out, then he bent over and picked up a present.

Round 2 - The pathfinder redjokered the Yasunori and the Guild player learned about the Yasunori’s damage reduction. He shot and hit once again for a point of damage. Then set a trap on Yasunori. The Katashiro set a scheme marker for Search the Ruins, and then blew on the wind to set another scheme marker. A witchling Stalker attacked Shenlong doing damage, then Shenlong returned the favor, using fermented river style and taking out both stalkers and cheating the red joker in for damage against the pathfinder. Then picked up another present for the strategy. One of the traps attacked Yasunori, staggering it twice and doing some more damage. The Yasunori took out the trap that had not activated yet with the use of an onslaught trigger, and then killed the other trap as well. At this point the Guild player was a bit shellshocked, having lost 5 of his models in two of my activations. It was a bit brutal and severes were flipping, especially with Shenlong. He targeted Minako and learned about Karmic Fate upgrade. He shrugged and attacked again, and then wanted to back up when his Austringer did 4 damage to Minako. I let him back up, because that is a little daunting when you’ve never seen it before. He then decided to change tactics and complete the achievements for the tournament. 

At this point, he stopped playing the game to win. It was really confusing as to what I was supposed to do. I basically went into Concentrate multiple times mode on the models that could. He then started attacking me to cheat blindly (one of the achievements). I am still a bit disappointed about this as I didn’t know how to get it back on track and help him learn M3E.

He was most upset by losing five models in a single turn, albeit two of them were clockwork traps. The pathfinder and the Handler needed to die, the stalkers could have survived, and next time I should let them be Sensei Yu and the student’s problem. The traps also needed to die. Those things are annoying. I could’ve used Shenlong on those three and then flown Yasunori to the Low River monk for healing. 

This also got me thinking about the achievement part of a tournament. While they can be fun to complete, it can cause a NPE, as well, for the opposing player, in this case, myself. The Guild player just said he can’t win, so he might as well get most achievements. The achievements probably need to have some of their throwing-of-the-game achievements yanked, like scoring zero points, which would normally be something that would be a consolation prize, like the spoon, but he was purposefully tanking. I was confused and disheartened.

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Nah, don't get upset. If it was a tournament, he can't blame you for playing your best.

To help him learn M3E start with a few games to less points (35-40SS) or even HH in a more relaxed enviroment; and also work with him in his crew building.

And talking about list building... that Minako+Katashiro in your list still hurts me :P; you may have a wandering monk in that spot for the same points.

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I can't speak to your opponent's attitude or conduct, so if you felt he wasn't really trying or respecting the game anymore, that's different.  But I would say that if there are "negative" achieving achievements, then "tanking" becomes a rational game strategy at a certain point.  And so it's arguably the strictly correct decision if you can get more out of a bigger loss than a smaller one. 

Which is to say, unless his attitude or conduct indicated otherwise, I wouldn't necessarily be disheartened or derive an NPE in all such circumstances.

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I feel like your opponent probably had a NPE as well. He refocused onto a way to get as much out of a lost game as he could (achievements). As long as you were informed of the achievements before the tournament, I don't see a problem. I usually try to be understanding with opponents in cases like this. Having half your crew wiped on turn 2 isn't fun. Your opponent probably felt helpless in this situation. On the opposite side, it was a tournament game so playing cutthroat is expected. 

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