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Sooo.. A short introduction of myself: I started playing and painting miniatures back in the days of Hero Quest and Warhammer 40k second edition. After some 15 years of active playing, I have been quite inactive (family, work, even other hobbies..) Also I have had some issues with my shoulders / neck, which have somewhat limited my painting. Three years ago I found Malifaux, and bought some miniatures with no intent to play the game - I was planning to just use them for role playing and such. Anyway, I love the aesthetics a lot. And like the characterful rules a lot as well. I have played very casually, meaning like less than 20 games during that three years, but I like the game and hobby side a lot. Now for a few months I have had some time, health and energy to work on a few of my Swampfiends and some gaming terrain, so I thought I might post a few pictures here. I admit, this is my first time using Imgur, and I hope I got it right.









I also have the Bokor, Adze, Lucky Emissary and Merris coming in the post to finish off the team. Unfortunately, Bad Things Happened to my Zoraida and her totem a long ago, when I used some parts of both for other projects as I was not intending to play her. So some kind of proxy for them as well as First Mate is coming. I doubt I will play her much anyway, as I have understood from the forum posts that she might provide somewhat negative play experiences. And as I play very rarely, I rather avoid that. I also have Lucius crew ordered, that should be more than enough to paint for the next year. I think I will try to motivate myself to get it painted by joining the monthly challenge. Hopefully casual updates will appear here also. At least I will be building more terrain whenever I get the money to buy some tufts and need an hour or two self-therapy session.. 😃



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Neat to see a more natural look to things. I don't really bother myself with bases, but gotta say it does look nice when someone's wiling to put in the effort.

You're probably aware (and uninterested) of the somewhat active tournament scene we've got going, but just as an FYI we also did a little casual get-together in Turku this past sunday with a few out of towners. Just a few leisurely games. We do those somewhat irregularly. Let me know if that sort of thing interests you. In the same vein for the past two years we've held a summertime outdoor bbq & Malifaux event out in the countryside, in a public space near a lake (sauna & swimming optional:D). It hasn't exactly been open invitation due to logistics involved, but if you'd like to be notified for next year let me know:)

Keep the terrain & minis coming, and good luck for the 2020 challenge👍

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http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/ I have used mostly stuff from here, but yes, there are aquarium plastic plants as well😁. I happened to get some with a used aquarium we bought some time ago, and we prefer real plants for that. So got them essentially free. Unfortunately they appear to be rather expensive normally.

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