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Enchanted Grounds "Winter War" 50 SS Gaining Grounds Malifaux Tournament, 01/11/20, Littleton, Colorado

Mad Mojo

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Enchanted Grounds Littleton, 3615 W Bowles Ave #5, Littleton, CO 80123, is hosting a 50 SS Gaining Grounds Tournament, on Saturday January 11, 2020.


Sign in starts at 8:30 AM with an anticipated start at 9:00 AM. Registration is $10.00 and ongoing until the tournament start time. 

There will be 3 rounds with a lunch break after round 1. Per the new Gaining Grounds standards, painted models are not required, however, there will be a Painting Award and additional points given for the Overall Award if you have completely painted crews.

This event will be fixed faction. If you do plan on bringing multiple crews for your faction, please have your lists complete prior to the tournament to speed up your selection.

Dead Man's Hand models will not be allowed for this event.

The SINGLES game variant will be in effect for this event: When hiring, masters not sharing a Keyword with the crew's leader may not be hired.

Each round will have a 10 minute pre start prep time with a two and a half hour play limit.

Lunch and painting will be judged after round 1.

Strategy and Deployment Selections

Round 1 - Turf War, Flank Deployment

Round 2 - Plant Explosives, Standard Deployment

Round 3 - Reckoning, Wedge Deployment

Scheme selections will be given out prior to each round.


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