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Sir Arthur Mumbles?

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As a new player In M3E, I’ve been catching up on the fluff of the Breachside Broadcast podcasts ...

Theres a short story in there (episode 20-21 or so - I was listening in the car and didn’t check it exactly) about a Sir Arthur Mumbles, who raids a tomb and discovers a giant set of chairs and various idol statues. I think his team carries one off. 

So ... Sir Arthur Mumbles, anyone?

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Episode 20 is Twisting Fates with The Coming Storm and Revelations!

Episode 21 is Twisting Fates with Bearing the Burden and the first of the Avatar stories! 

I didn't think Twisting Fates was searchable, so I was skimming over the pages and ran into this on page 23:


Malifaux Exploration Society

Many occupied areas of the Slums are decidedly poor. Even the colorful neighborhood of Little Kingdom, despite its Eastern charm, still exists in the shadow of poverty. One notable exception to this is a large villa tucked away in a long-abandoned neighborhood, secluded from the less affluent of the central Slums. Unlike the vacant heaps of rubble around it, the grounds of the villa are well-maintained. The high walls surrounding the property have been refurbished; its iron-shod gates restored. If not for the surroundings, a visitor might think they were standing in front of a lord’s home in London. Any would-be trespassers are deterred by the great hunting mastiffs that wander the lawn.

The villa is home to a collection of adventurous souls who call themselves the Malifaux Exploration Society. The Society’s founder, Sir Justin Cooper, spent most of his youth and middle age on safari in Africa, enjoying the pleasures and privileges his minor lordship afforded him. Thoroughly jaded by these experiences, Lord Cooper turned his eye to the Breach, to another world.

On a whim, he organized a safari to Malifaux, killing a Razorspine Rattler in his first hunt. The thrill reinvigorated Lord Cooper’s long-dulled sense of adventure. Smitten with what he called “a land of eternal adventure” in dispatches to his wealthy colleagues Earthside, he invited them to join him in Malifaux. Like Cooper, they relished the dangerous thrill of the hunt and together spent a fortune restoring the villa and forming the Society. Since then, the group has had its ranks swelled by minor lords, jaded merchants, and spoiled heirs. Every member is a long-time hunter who has found new purpose in the opportunity to hunt creatures far more dangerous than those at home.

The explorers venture into the Quarantine Zone nightly on Midnight Safaris, scouring for quarries worthy of their considerable skills. The Guild is all too happy to accommodate the Society and its eccentricities as the Society has supplied reconnaissance, detailed maps, artifacts, and hefty bribes to the Governor General’s office in return for freedom to explore, an arrangement both parties find mutually agreeable. Rumors circulate that the Society is something more than it appears. If it is so, the Guild has not cared enough to investigate. Perhaps there is truth to the rumors; perhaps they are nothing more than stories told to entertain the poor residents of the Slums. After all, the Society does not make much effort to ease the plight of its poor neighbors.

Malifaux Exploration Society is the name for the organization given in McCabe's story.

I'm not finding the name Sir Arthur Mumbles in the PDFs.

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I found your Sir Arthur Mumbles in the podcast, though.

The mention is the between story commercial in Tales of Malifaux, episode 22 (Jan 20, 2016) at about the 32 minute mark, describing finding a chamber filled with oversized tables and chairs and stone buildings and figures that you'd expect to be giant miniatures.  


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