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TTB 2019 releases


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I've had it in my head that TTB has been dormant for the last year, but I was just reminded that there have been at least three releases this year--just none in print, I believe.  In fact the latest, Bubbling Up From Below, is a Penny Dreadful One-Shot which was just released on October 23 (according to DTRPG).  Maybe this is common knowledge around here, but I did a quick search and didn't see any mention of it.  It's great to see a very recent release because it confirms that the line is still being supported (not to mention the recent hire of someone new to manage the RPG line).

I'm curious about a previous 2019 release:  Obsidian Gate from July 24.  This is a "regular" Penny Dreadful so significantly more meaty at 148 pages.  As far as I know, this is only available via PDF which is different than previous "full-size" Penny Dreadfuls.  Has there been any talk of a print version?

Also, given the fact that TTB lost the main person behind the line around the beginning of the year, is this at all reflected in the 2019 releases by a change in tone, style, and/or quality?  The third and final 2019 release I'm referring to is the one shot Silurid Showdown, from September 11.

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I would be of the opinion that variety is wonderful to have, but too many options can become burdensome. Pathfinder, as an example, became extremely dilute before 2nd edition came out. There were so many character creation options by the end of the edition that it became a chore to make a character, rather than a pleasure. That said I would like to see a Neverborn book come to fruition, as I have flipped both the red and black joker for station when making practice characters.

 As for campaign material, I would like to see at least one campaign a year, and at least quarterly one shots (monthly would be ideal, but I think unrealistic). I think the onus is on the FM to really build the campaign into something that is relevant to their players, just like in other game systems. I think this is more-so the case with TTB in order to work in fate steps; even if Wyrd wrote all of the campaign material in existence it would be impossible to account for how fate plays out for the players. Don't get me wrong, I've had writer's block when it came to campaign ideas and pre-written material is ideal for that.

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