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Size of Wild Boars


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I was wondering if any of you kind gents could advise me the approx size of the wild  boars models , snout to tail and height . I am not a Malifaux player although I have some of the other  miniatures . I am trying to  recreate twrch trwyth and his children for a Celtic myth game  and want to make sure there is enough of a size difference with my existing model of TT , as I would need 7 for his piglets  it is a fair bit to gamble on by just buying .Thanks in advance 

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I don't have the models personally, but you can get some pretty good reference pictures of them here:


(That's a review of the M2E box.  The M3E box is going to have the same plastic in it.)

The Wild Boar models are on 40mm bases, and they span pretty much the whole 40mm base.

If you're also looking at the various piglet boxes, those are on 30mm bases, and same person did a review here:



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