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2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - December


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...and just like that, it was December. Wow, I'm having trouble believing we're that close to the end of 2019.

This is the thread for the December 2019 Monthly Painting Challenge, our last one of the year! I’m Caedrus, and I have had the very great pleasure of being your host for 2019. Even though I'm in the Southern Hemisphere, getting ready for an Australian Summer, I know so many of you are getting ready for winter, snow, cocoa, and an inexplicable obsession with pumpkins! December's stones are the turquoise and tanzanite. Cold colours for a cold month! It's also the month that our Rasputina players enjoy so much!

Last month, I asked all of you if you were happy for me to look after the challenge next year (or if anyone else wanted to undertake it), and I received some very kind support in asking me to look after it again. I'm pleased and honoured to do so, but I'm just the person putting numbers into a spreadsheet! This challenge belongs to all of us, and so if there's a thing that we can do better, speak up!

Just a reminder to update your November pledge, and always remember an "@Caedrus"!

I'll be starting another thread soon, where I will be inviting painters to take part in the 2020 Challenge. If you have friends interested in taking part in the challenge, please let them know! For those already reading this - please do join in on the adventures!

The link to the painter spreadsheet is here, and I'll continue updating soon!

The 2019 Wyrd Monthly Painting Challenge is all about:

  1. Having fun painting!
  2. Motivating yourself, and encouraging others.
  3. Being part of a great, friendly community.
  4. Giving and receiving constructive advice. And, finally:
  5. Getting some pigment onto plastic!

This is not a competition in any way.

The pledge categories are the following:

  • Minion: you paint at least 1 soulstone worth of Malifaux miniatures each month
  • Enforcer: you paint at least 6 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month
  • Henchman: you paint at least 11 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month
  • Master: you paint at least 16 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month
  • Tyrant: you paint at least 31 soulstones worth of Malifaux miniatures each month

The rules:

  • The challenge started on January 1st, 2019. 
  • Models count for the month in which you finish them. You can finish painting a model that you started before the beginning of the month.
  • Everyone may fail to make their monthly goal twice and stay in the challenge. This is using a mulligan.
  • You can choose to go down a pledge level during the year, but you cannot move up.
  • A model is considered painted if it is (1) based (even glued onto a black base counts); (2) tournament legal. That means that if it's a translucent, based model, it counts automatically. If it is any opaque material, then the standard is: Every part of the miniature painted, and three colours minimum.

Miniature Values:


  • Almost all models count as their Soulstone value; but
  • Masters count for 15 soulstones.
  • Zero cost models count for 5 soulstones.
  • Proxies (constructed from Wyrd models) count for their proxy value.

The Other Side

  • Titans count for 25 soulstones.
  • Commanders count for 15 soulstones.
  • Adjunct models count for 5 soulstones.


  • A 30mm base model is worth 5 soulstones.
  • A 40mm base model is worth 7 soulstones.
  • A 50mm base model is worth 10 soulstones.


  • Terrain is worth 5SS per 50mm base in area.
  • Custom tokens are worth 5SS per 50mm base in area.
  • A terrain board is worth 100 Soulstones.

We're now using the Malifaux 3rd Edition values!

How to upload images?

  1. Go to imgur.com, and create an account.
  2. Click on your account, click on 'images', and then 'add images'.
  3. Click on your uploaded image. You'll see a whole bunch of link options.
  4. Click on the 'copy' button next to 'direct link'.
  5. Go to your Wyrd Forum thread.
  6. Paste (CTRL-V) at the appropriate spot.
  7. The image should appear, resized appropriately to the page.

My very best for December!


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This was my first year in the challenge and I've had a lot of fun and painted so much more than I would've without the monthly goal. I'll definitely be signing up for next year :) 

My personal goal for the end of the year is to get to 500ss, so 36 needed this month to hit that target.

Gonna aim to finish my Tormented and Urami keywords so I will pledge 2x Dead Outlaws (12) 2x Drowned (12) and 3x Gaki (12) for 36 - stretch goal will be the last crooked man (7)

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Might do something else if the mood strikes me, but going to focus on alt Barbaros for this month:


Grand figure to cap the year off. Still figuring out a colour scheme. Lime green and turquoise armour plates are from ways, ways back when I last considered painting him. Right now pink/purple/magenta armour and grey skin is high in my mind, but I'll let it simmer for a while.

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Well despite starting 2 months late, this challenge has been a wild ride! With the SS gained I feel like painting all my terrain has felt a bit like cheating. But if nothing else it's been good motivation to actually get a proper table's worth of terrain complete - something I've been trying to do for years! Needless to say, I'll definitely be signing up for next year!

Anyway, for the last month i thought I'd try to go out with a bang;


Basically all the models i still need to do for my Wizz-Bang crew, a house and some concealing fog terrain to finish off my table. Hopefully the later will be more than just painted MDF! ;)

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I realize I've been lax with posting start of month photos and... I'm not going to change! 😝 

It's been a great year and at times I've thought I'd have to drop out but I've managed to pull through and don't intend to fall on the finish line.

This month I'm finishing my alt Reva and probably will be doing so this week. With living halfway across the world (literally) from my family, when they "pop over" for a few weeks in mid-December, I doubt there will be much painting once they're here. Once they leave I'll see how I feel about the 2020 painting challenge.

Thanks for running the challenge this year @Caedrus and great work everyone who's participated, whether finishing or not, it's been inspiring to see all your work!

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Hey there! last month of the year, so it's time to wrap up the Guild and start with the Resus! So for this month I'll be painting the next models:

* Emily Heartsbane: 7 SS. I don't like this model at all, but just in case I need it in the future I'll paint it this month.

* Orderly: 5 SS. Same as above. 

* Guild Lawyer x 2: 12 SS (6x2). Just to finish the M2E Lucius starter box. 

* Albus Von Schtook: 15 SS. Sweet model, and my first Resu model!

* The Valedictorian: 9 SS.

* Research assistant: 2 SS.

For a total of 50 SS. In case there is time left I'll continue with the Transmortis guys.

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WIPpery is afoot.


Something of a rare treat, I went to paint at the LGS today. Managed to do the skin despite constant banter:P Continued with the wings and doodled on one of the armour plates back home. Before today I was a bit lost with Barbiboy. Like I said at the LGS, "I don't know where I want to go or how to get there". Well, now I've at least got an idea. Reasonably satisfied with that armour plate.

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This month I'm returning to my plan to pledge the Ortega crew, including Santana


This model exhibits some of the best Wyrd has to offer.  Easy to assemble, well-sculpted, and animated.  I might end up proxying her for Perdita.


Thinking more about it, Santana is just too similar to Perdita for both to be on the field.  

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I started working on Kaeris, so I hope to finish her. I always see her painted all clean, but I am trying a weathered wings + distressed leather coat look. I saw that @Viruk was painting one too, so no pressure at all 😂 I'll try to get her totem done too, all rusty and greasy. 


@emiba I can't wait to see your Reva. I finally snatched one in September, but I am too afraid to touch her. I have a colour scheme in  mind, but it's challenging as I've never even painted a horse before.


Good luck everyone, only one more month to go! 


And huge thanks to @Caedrus for taking care of this great challenge. It keeps me motivated to work alongside fellow painters.

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9 hours ago, PetitDalek said:

@emiba I can't wait to see your Reva. I finally snatched one in September, but I am too afraid to touch her. I have a colour scheme in  mind, but it's challenging as I've never even painted a horse before.

I was intimidated too but it's actually easier than I thought. The horse have well defined muscles so just decide on a shade, then go for it, the model will tell you where highlights go. OSL  from the flames on the other hand... 😱 

I'll see if I can post a wip picture when I get home.

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2 hours ago, PetitDalek said:

I'd like to paint Reva on a white/light grey horse, because apparently I am a sucker for punishment 😅

Something like this? large.IMG_20191207_152930.jpg.4528178e5f25f1ea402138914fc55913.jpg

It's reasonably easy. I started from a light warm gray (I think Vallejo Stonewall gray mixed with white) and worked my way up to white. A few of the deepest recesses got a wash with a light blue gray.

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Had a few midweek distractions but here's last night's progress on Lilith's White Knight.

Shoulder armour isn't quite that smooth irl, but nothing that'd bother you at arm's length.


Still WIP of course.

Good to see some horsework here. I've got a "rider" myself waiting for an inspiration.

@PetitDalek so pretty. Doing a gaming base later?

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Quick update.

Was having a nightmare of a time trying to get even coats on this thing as the MDF has a seemingly unquenchable thirst for paint. The airbrush worked, but with it already assembled there was no way to avoid overspray without a whole load of masking.

So I did the only sensible thing a terrain builder can do in this situation and gunged the living bejaysus out of it.



Really enjoying this now as a project to work on weathering.

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9 hours ago, lusciousmccabe said:

Was having a nightmare of a time trying to get even coats on this thing as the MDF has a seemingly unquenchable thirst for paint.

When going after MDF scenics I'm used to emply some sealer that looks as a sort of resin layer. In theory that could reduce MDF thirst for paint. I wrote "in theory" because I never painted MDF without sealing it before so I cannot say how it all works without the sealer.

Not secondary, you building is looking great so far.

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@lusciousmccabe Those MDF houses are THIRSTY. What works for me is a base coat of paint mixed with a bit of water and cheap wood glue. However, I use only brushes and I don't think it'd work with an airbrush.


@emiba that's lovely! Yes, I imagine something like that with a bit more grey in it. Most people paint her very dark, but I like the white horse look.  We seem to have similar tastes 👍 


@Nikodemus It's fun to see Barbados in shiny flashy armour. Your NMM looks good, not an easy feat to paint all that metal. Kaeris and her crew will get bases later. The boxes are just a piece of scatter terrain to keep her standing as she isn't pinned. I might try to greenstuff some cobblestones or factory debris for the crew.


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